Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hook confusion.

I am just dipping my toe into the world of crochet and what a confusing world it is!
All I am initially aiming for is a chunky blanket made up of random squares pieced together. I made this decision based on the fact that I feel it is all I can really hope for. Anyway, I purchased some wool of the chunky variety, my mother laughed in a ' I am an experienced crocheter and that ain't gonna work' kind of way.......she was right. I then thought, whilst awake for some agitated, early morning hours that what I actually need is a massive big hook. Epiphany I feel.
I asked Mr Betty to drive me to John Lewis (I do drive but I had no petrol in my car and I had better things to spend my money on) so I could purchase said hook. I bought a few more, overpriced haberdashery essentials too, obviously!
To cut to the chase, it works!!!! So chuffed and relieved as I could do with more than 4 hours sleep tonight.
Pictures will follow of my blanket progress when I reach the skill level to not completely embarrass myself amongst all the pro crocheters who also blog.
Don't, whatever you do, hold your breath on this one, progress is painfully slow.
Wish me luck and I really would welcome any crochet advice. X


  1. Ooh, exciting. I like to experiment with different sized crochet hooks to see which end result I prefer. A larger hook means quicker crochet, but sometimes it looks a bit messy/loopy, whereas a smaller hook can make the finished result look neater. Crochet is all about trial and error, especially if you're not working to a pattern. Can't wait to see what you're making. xx

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Julia. please don't get too excited, it is going to take me ages to make anything of any substance.
    I will keep ploughing on as if nothing else it is very therapeutic. X