Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Guest post by the other Ooohbetty Betty

Today, to save moi from digging deep for interesting chit chat I have decided to hand the responsibility to the other (and better looking) half of Oooh Betty.
By way of introduction I will explain how Jayne and I came to be Oooh Betty.
A couple of years back we met via our sons pre-school and just 'clicked'. We share a love of thrifting,vintage, home making, coffee and giggling.
When an opportunity came about to run a unit at an Antique place we decided to go for it as a joint venture. We loved it!
Due to reasons beyond our control we had to close down our beloved unit but Oooh Betty was still very much alive and in our hearts and so we now display our wares at Vintage fairs and of course we love them too!
Anyway.....over to Jayne, the pictures will explain exactly why I asked Jayne to be part of my blog. Enjoy.

This is my living room as I like it to look but most of the time it is covered in jigsaws, dinosaurs and other boys toys, not to mention the odd jammie dodger and banana sandwich!!
I've put a lot of different patterns and prints together which I love and I never shy away from a bright colour, as you can probably tell! The little sofa was my nannas, my mum used to slide down the arms (she's 61 now), now my boys do!!

Every girl needs a yellow plastic sofa, I've got two!!

I used to work at cafe pop in Manchester many years ago, so I have always had a love of retro, vintage and all thinks kitsch. The first thing I started to collect was glass, it's the colours I love, but this lovely selection is my textured glass area!! Yes I do have different areas for different styles, doesn't everyone??

Another glass area. This amazing large gul bottle has a big crack in it! I was sooo gutted when I did this, but as Emma will confirm I'm a bit clumsy Which is a worry when you do a vintage Market together. Emma prefers to display her area without my help!!

I have an ever growing collection of coffee pots, but this is my favourite by far. I had always admired them. Emma and I spend a fair bit of time thrifting but I never came across one. I kept bidding on eBay on them, but always loosing out at the last second. I did eventually win this beauty so my search is over....for now until I set my sights on some other treasure.

Thank you Jayne,
Please let me know and I in turn will let Jayne know if there is a need to see the complete coffee pot collection. It is quite impressive let me assure you.
I will be back tomorrow with a riveting tale of root canal treatment. Wish me luck. Xx

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas, Christmas and a bit more Christmas.

Sooo exciting isn't it!?
We have made a start and it is a good start. 1 real tree up, 1 sparkly tree up and a little man tree up.
I have purchased a little, boney, sparkly tree just for me. It is in the living room and it has all my pinky, kitschy (is that a word?) bits adorning it's little spiky branches.

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My boys decorated their own tree.

Obviously I will wait til they all drift off to their appropriate place of schooling then I will be making some simple (major) adjustments. Shhh!

On Sunday it is the most fantastical Vintage Village at the Victorian Market hall in Stockport.
I think that this will cause my seasonal giddy kipperness to reach fever pitch.
I NEED to knuckle down and get organised for my stall at the aforementioned event. Please keep reminding me as I seem to be spending a huge portion of my free time drinking coffee and eating mince pies with friends.
I have however made some brooches in 2 different styles.

I have made other new things including plenty of seasonal bits n bobs. I will take plenty of pics on the day for your perusal.
Lastly, for Sophie in particular, I promised a couple of pics of my dolls house.
More will follow if enough people convince me that I am not a total geek!

Lastly (and it really is this time), just to mention that I have opened a Folksy shop.
It seems that Etsy is very American based and so far this has proved to be true in the fact that I have had more success on Folksy far.
A lovely lady by the name of Dorine featured one of my items on her wonderful blog and it really made my day.
Please check it out

I must crack on now folks, so much to make and sort in so little time. X