Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas, Christmas and a bit more Christmas.

Sooo exciting isn't it!?
We have made a start and it is a good start. 1 real tree up, 1 sparkly tree up and a little man tree up.
I have purchased a little, boney, sparkly tree just for me. It is in the living room and it has all my pinky, kitschy (is that a word?) bits adorning it's little spiky branches.

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My boys decorated their own tree.

Obviously I will wait til they all drift off to their appropriate place of schooling then I will be making some simple (major) adjustments. Shhh!

On Sunday it is the most fantastical Vintage Village at the Victorian Market hall in Stockport.
I think that this will cause my seasonal giddy kipperness to reach fever pitch.
I NEED to knuckle down and get organised for my stall at the aforementioned event. Please keep reminding me as I seem to be spending a huge portion of my free time drinking coffee and eating mince pies with friends.
I have however made some brooches in 2 different styles.

I have made other new things including plenty of seasonal bits n bobs. I will take plenty of pics on the day for your perusal.
Lastly, for Sophie in particular, I promised a couple of pics of my dolls house.
More will follow if enough people convince me that I am not a total geek!

Lastly (and it really is this time), just to mention that I have opened a Folksy shop.
It seems that Etsy is very American based and so far this has proved to be true in the fact that I have had more success on Folksy .......so far.
A lovely lady by the name of Dorine featured one of my items on her wonderful blog and it really made my day.
Please check it out http://themagnificientblogofpopbabe7.blogspot.com/

I must crack on now folks, so much to make and sort in so little time. X

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