Monday, 28 November 2011

A little clock house, 3 flying birds and some felt baubles.

I am flipping poorly!
I have a chest infection and I am fed up. I get ill quite often due to a long term illness and crafting is a great way to keep me busy whilst I am house bound.
As I have been in all weekend I have been a busy miss lizzy on the old crafting front.
I have done bed ridden crafting and some 'feeling a bit better' desk crafting.
I would like to have shared some thrifty treasure but alas, I have not been a thrifting for days.

I will share some of my creations instead.

My father in-law gave me an old, brown, mantle clock which I was not mad about and then some months later he showed me a picture of a clock that contained a miniature clock makers shop. It was beautiful.
Since then I have been as keen as a cucumber about doing one myself so I did and here it is

I realise I should have done progress piccies but I am always too giddy kipper during the making process and then it slips my slippery mind.
I have used some my spare bits of vintage doll house furniture (I have a 70s lundby house too).

A little, dreamy sewing room complete with a cheeky kitty.
I made the little pictures and revamped the dresser and wall lamp. To be honest I have enjoyed it thoroughly. What do you think?

I also made some christmas themed lavender bags that could also be fragranced baubles using some super duper iron-ons.

My living room smells divine and just in case you were wondering??... My little horsey friend was a gift from my pal Jayne, I use the word gift loosely as I did actually ask her for it! Nay.

Lastly and leastly I must show you my 3 little birds of joy.

I have wanted flying wall ducks for some time now and truth be told I just cannot justify the cost of the 'real mccoy'.
I spotted these online and just fell in love with the little blighters. They are damaged, they are not ducks but who cares? Not me!
Just got to come up with a way of encouraging them to embrace the season of goodwill along with my cruet clan. I am thinking stripey scarves. Xx
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  1. O my Goodness I love your little house clock, if you don't mind awfully, I am now on a mission of upmost importance, to find an old clock case...(I see them all the time at the dump),you are very clever...hope you feel better soon, there is lot's of lurgy about at mo xx

  2. Sophie, I mind not a jot!
    We will have matching stools and matching mini house clocks.

  3. Your clock sewing room is brilliant, I love it! Have you got plans to make more? x

  4. Hi Beth, thanks for the lovely comment.
    I may do some room boxes in the future but where does one keep them all??
    I have a complete doll house that I furnished and decorated. I will put some pictures on tomorrow. Xx