Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A happy hoop, a thrifty pan and a basket of yarn.

Of late I have been a 'busy miss lizzy'.
I have been doing super duper things so I mustn't complain.
The Christmas shopping has begun, my cruet clan members have been getting into the spirit of things.

Bless them!
I have completed the re-jig of medium boys bedroom. He is as over the moon as a teenager can manage.
He has the box room, he does like cozy.
I have not given him the box room because he is 'middle child' it is just because little son has so many toys he HAS to have the largest room and largest son HAS to have a double bed (don't ask).
Anyway, here is a little glimpse.

Yes, he has taken my most greatest Robin Day swivel chair with original orange leather look cushion!

Between trips to the Swedish furniture super store I have been producing goods for my Christmas stall.
I have muchess fabric so I have made up little packets of some Vintage St Michael fat quarters.

I also made a little something for myself (and why not?).
This has meaning to it.

It is a Happy Hoop of Wales and in particular the LLeyn Peninsular. I love this region of our little country. It holds many cherished childhood memories, family holidays, camping and the most amazing views you could ever hope for.

It will take a little spot of wall in my living room.

I did mention in my last blog that I hoped for a bit of thrifty treasure to share with you.
I have only managed to discover one piece in the last couple of days but what a grand thing it is.
Very useful indeed.

I just love enamel pans. I have many!

Lastly, I have made a major investment of £18 on a super duper handy yarn basket.
I would usually have thrifted something of this nature but it was so ideal I just treated myself.
Why hide away such luscious yarny colours?

I am off to enjoy coffee and cake (fingers crossed re the cake bit) with friends shortly which highlights quite clearly that I cannot, at present, fit in a full time job. I will be reminding Mr Betty of this fact later whilst serving up a quick but tasty supper.
Chin Chin! X

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