Saturday, 19 November 2011

Thrifted mug, chain of hearts and extra Christmas seating.

I have had a nice week, seen lots of friends, thrifted etc.
Sometimes however, I just wish for weekend. Sometimes I do question why?
I did work once this week, maybe that 1 day of hard graft is why I crave the weekend so much?

I was keen to 'get things done' today. I have failed!

Mollie Makes Christmas edition put paid to at least an hour of productivity, it goes so well with a nice cup of tea and a bit of peace and quiet.
All the other hours I have no excuse for.

Anyway.....a few snippets of this week.

I thrifted a fab Staffordshire Potteries mug. I have been trying to collect these for a while now.
The new one is the green beauty that I have displayed in gold medal position to highlight it's great importance.

So 70s don't you think.

Also in preparation for the season of goodwill I have dragged in a garden chair and 'grannied it up' a little.
We are entertaining this eve so I am NOT being over zealous, honest.

I finally broke away from cup cozies and granny squares. I have regressed slightly on the skill level but these are so easy and addictive.

I have made loads. They are fab in chunky cream yarn and I have attached Christmas themed ribbon to make deco's. These will appear on my stall for December.
Pictures will follow.

Lastly, I have had a little adjustment to my desk area in the way of a red, spray painted standard lamp.

What do you think?
Pictures tomorrow of Middle sons new bedroom. The aforementiond heart deco's and maybe just maybe some thrifted goodies. X

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