Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Beavering,bedroom shop display and an addition to the cruet creature clan.

I have not blogged for a few days. The reasons for this are vast and varied. They range from squits (largest son) to Swedish furniture superstores.
I have been beavering quite a lot, getting prepared for The Vintage Village

My little corner in my bedroom is just not big enough. Is it a bad thing to be thinking ahead to ones eldest heading off to university and therefore leaving a room uninhabited and therefore crying out to be a super duper work den? I feel so bad about this wonderful thought that I almost deleted it!!
Anyway.... I have been building up my stock in crates in the kitchen and anything that has just been made (and looks pretty) is laid out in my bedroom. Not ideal I know.

Mr Betty has used the word 'cute' recently and is blaming scenes like the above ^ for affecting his masculinity. I have told him to "get a grip".

I have visited ikea today with my pal Jayne. I am sorting out my medium sons room. It is the box room and it needs careful negotiating. Luckily he loves orange (my fave too)! Pictures will follow when Mr Betty has charged his drill.
I was mentioning Ikea for a reason actually. The reason being this. Right next to our local ikea is a massive YMCA shop. It is new and it reminds me of the huge thrift shops in America that I am so jealous of. I think it needs time to develop as it was quite empty. It has promise.
I got 2 massive cones of vintage yarn and a little addition to my cruet clan.
He is a duck and he was 50p.

This is just part of my clan, obviously.
Doesn't he look proud to be part of a clan!

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