Friday, 11 November 2011

Another stool, a piece of oil cloth and more crochet!

Today my smallest boy was free from the dreaded squits and therefore able to return to school....hoorah!
By way of celebration I went a thrifting. It was all very unsatisfactory other than a quick break for a coffee and a much awaited for mince pie (served hot and with cream).
I did, however, find a stool. Now the problem I have is that I do have a ridiculous amount of little stools, I may even count them and give an exact figure just to highlight how bad the problem has become. After much deliberation (a few seconds) I purchased the stool anyway.

It is a tulip stool (Sophie, you already know this I realise). It is in a test position at the moment as I have had to move my very special mustard stool to make space. We will see!!
I do like it, very much.

I have also been at the crochet again. I managed 4 granny squares before needing a break.

They need pressing and they also need bigger corner chains I think, advice very welcome.
I will do something with them as it is nice to look back at things you made when an amateur.

I have also made a headband. I have very short hair and I get very cold ears.

Sorry about the model, and yes my nose is that big.
I attached one of my previously blogged about corsages to 'jazz it up a bit' and detract from aforementioned large nose.
I am currently working on a red and cream version with a frill. I am quite enjoying using 2 yarns together to make a mottled effect.

Lastly, before you fall asleep reading this, I also 'jazzed' up my desk. It was given to me by my auntie and it is pine. I decided against painting it as I do have a lot of painted wood in my living room. I needed to do something with it, obviously, so I purchased a piece of oil cloth and .......

Ta da
'Jazzed up' desk. I am very happy with the makeover. Just need to find some pretty knobs for the drawers now.
Back to the crochet I go. X

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  1. do not have a big nose!! It's so nice to put a face to our random messages! love the headband, I've just bought a new hat as I fear for my ears this winter....was not clever enough to knit one! You have the twin of my tulip stool, my daughter has knicked mine for her very own. The desk looks great, hope you find some nice knobs.....x