Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Squits,a granny square and a damaged pouffe.

Today has not gone according to plan. My smallest boy had a bad case of the squits so my plans to thrift with Jayne and purchase craft supplies with Mic were shelved.
Instead I spent my time making a 'Deadly 60' leader board and deciding whether a Trapdoor spider was more vicious than a Birdeating spider.
It was fun I have to tell you!

Smallest boy was very pleased with the new addition to the playroom!
Whilst aforementioned son lay about watching unsuitable things on YouTube (annoying orange to be specific) I got to work on some more...........crochet practice.
Today my challenge was a granny square, I am desperate to make anything and everything to do with the granny square. Desperate I tell you.

Now it's not perfect, it's not even that square to be truthful but it is so nearly there.

I am sooo excited and I think that after the really crucial house chores have been taken care of (squitty washing to name but one) I will be totally, happily,wrapped up in my granny squares for most of the day.
I will be taking a small break as the Yule time mince pies are now available at Costa and they come hot with cream.....say no more.
Just wanted to share my recent find with you too.
I found it in an Oxfam shop in Manchester and carried it home, on the train, in a bin bag. I was not a popular passenger!
It was very cheap as it had a split in it. I have repaired it quite badly as it is leather and I was not armed with suitable equipment. It will do.
Ta da!

It will be very handy for resting bums and putting feet upon.

Hopefully I will be able to thrill you with pictures of granny squares in tall stacks tomorrow. X

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