Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Passing time

I spent yesterday travelling, waiting to start a travelling and travelling some more. There was a titchy bit of work in-between.
I was glad that I had my little bag of tricks with me.

I made some little drinks labels for all the mug cozies I have been producing (yes I am still thinking about moving on but not actually managing to move on). They are very addictive!

They are what I like to describe as 'freehand'. It was an extremely busy train and I would have felt atrocious had I stabbed any of my fellow passengers in the eye. The above cozies will make great stocking fillers.
People WILL be happy with them and use them at all times!

I also made a 'Hoopla' for my Vintage Village Market stall. I need to knuckle down in the next couple of weeks and yes, that does include stopping the constant crochet practice.

I arrived home at 8.30 in a very tired state. Mr Betty had to step into Mrs Bettys (my) household role and I have to admit that he did a very impressive job.
I will be investigating a new to us, quite local shop of possible treasures tomorrow with my pal Jayne.
I will be taking my trusty (but slightly crappy) camera with me just in case aforementioned possible treasure is discovered. X

1 comment:

  1. Love those cup cosies, they WILL love them and use them at all times. Sounds like you had a long day, good old Mr Betty, my hubby cooks much better than me, I always get very excited when someone else cooks dinner. Look forward to seeing the pics and Treasure??!! x
    Sophie x