Friday, 4 November 2011

Emotional day at the end of the runway.

My eldest son has turned 16 today and I have felt completely different to how I thought I would feel and completely out of character.
I am very proud of my son. He has been a dream to raise and he is quite bearable as a teenager to be fair.
I spent the morning drinking coffee and eating cake in a local cafe.

I was waiting for a friend and I got really sad just thinking about the decisions he will have to make and how quick his child hood has passed by. Luckily my good friend Jayne turned up and took my mind off it with all her woeful tales (she will read this and laugh)!
Thanks Jayne. X

Anyway, no stories about thrifting, no crafting dilemmas, just a funny day.
My birthday boy was unwilling to be photographed for my blog as he does have a bit of teenage attitude, obviously. Luckily a furry member of the family stepped in and showed that he too, although only 1, has hormonal tendencies.


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  1. I seem to remember being a bit wobbly when my eldest turned 16, it's a weird feeling, 1, you can't beleive where your little baby has gone? and 2 you can't believe your that old, well I couldn't any way!!.My eldest is 18 in Feb, oh my!!
    perry scrathypuss is beautiful, and what a fine and grand name.
    hope you feel better and have a good week end xx