Saturday, 17 March 2012

My kitchen now and some ideas for my new kitchen. Don't tell Mr Betty!

Hi, I am planning and dreaming about my new kitchen at the moment.
Yes, I am aware that I do still need to complete eldest sons room but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead.
When we bought this house we very quickly had to make changes and money was tight.
After we built my Mums granny annexe next door we were forced to move our kitchen into what was our living room and once the electrics and plumbing were complete it left us with a small budget to buy our kitchen units etc and deep down I have never been totally happy with it.
Also, because it was so cheap, things are starting to wear. Cupboard paint has chipped and warped. The kick plates are in a mess. Have I convinced anyone yet.
This is pretty much the same speech I will be trying on Mr Betty in the near future.

Now please don't consider me to be ungrateful, I know it is a lovely room and I have bought nice things for it since then.I like the chairs and my big display cabinet (all thrifted might I add).
I love my Edwardian fireplace although I can't wait to paint it.
I do not like the floorboards.

There is going to be a lot of painting involved. Probably best not to mention this to Mr Betty either.

I have chosen a few pictures from the world wide web that have inspired me.

Cupboard inspiration.

Floor and table inspiration (not keen on chairs).

Random shelving inspiration. This is pretty much heaven in my book!

Fireplace inspiration. White eggshell, plain and simple.

Just pure inspiration. Love concrete floors but just too cold for my love of barefooted living.

I have also seen loads of bits in all my interior books.
My plan is to thrift freestanding pieces, a large refectory style table and a wood burner similar to the one we have in our living room.

Today I have been pretty lazy (just day dreaming mainly).
I did bobble my lamp.

And cleaned the Stick Insect habitat.

They are getting really big but remain to be just as boring as when they were eggs. Littlest is absolutely petrified of them as is Mr Betty. When I got one out to show littlest he screamed so loud that he blew it straight off my hand and into the kitty litter. The stick insect seems ok but probably has a bit of a whiff about him.

I also made a cat doll for my friend.

This one will be called Dolly. I need to make another one this afternoon.

I will be at Altrincham tomorrow for Magpies and I vintage market.
I have to be brave as I am still ill. Think possibly a chest infection.
I have had a letter from the hospital today and it looks like I may be having surgery in around 4 months.
My illness is a long tale of tedium and I would happily have the surgery right now given the chance, saying that I would have to be moved off my cream upholstery for fear of staining, and I would want my fluffy rug moved out of the way for the same reason. I have a few light coloured cushions too... now, thinking about it??
I may blog about my illness at some point in the future bu it isn't really my style to moan I am only really mentioning it now because I am poorly and I had the letter.
What I am saying is that I just want to be better, that is all.

Come and see me in Altrincham if you can. That would be just lovely. X


  1. I love your kitchen! The table & chairs are so nice!

    I hope you feel okay at your fair tomorrow, XO.

    1. Thanks Catherine,
      Feel ok at the moment. Going to get warpped up and ask Mr Betty to get me a super nice sandwich from M&S.

  2. I used to have stick insects, they are fairly dull until they escape and totally freak out your Mum! I love the cat you made, its so lovely. Your kitchen will be great, I'm always plotting and changing x sorry that you are poorly, hope you feel better soon, 4 months is a long time, when you're waiting x
    JUmble went so well we raised £360 and there should be more to add too. I was sooo tired last night totally exhausting being on the other side of the table!! Got some great things though will blog soon.....Happy Mothers day xx

    1. Hi Sophie,
      I am just too excited about seeing the Jumble stuff.
      Is the word 'Jumble' non PC now? All seem to be 'Attic Sales' and 'Table Top' sales.
      I prefer the good old fashioned Jumble because that is exactly what it is. X