Friday, 4 May 2012

Things that are making me smile today :)

Today, Mr Betty and Moi have been on a Land Rover adventure over the hills and into Kettleshulme.
We love our outings. We chat about all the nice houses we see and will buy with our upcoming lottery win. We drink takeout coffee. We catch up on all our news.
Today was particularly picturesque and we certainly saw a few 'dream homes'.
Obviously we always treat ourselves to a nice lunch and today we decided to try a place we have been meaning to check out for quite some time.
The place is in Alderley and it is in quite a locally famous building.

Isn't it fabby!
Prior to being 'Adeli' it was a car showroom and we have always called it the Flintstones garage.
It is now a deli and it is very cool.

Mr Betty had a chicken schnitzel ciabatta and I had squash and chilli soup served with a cheese scone. We both had a cappuccino. The food was good but the chef was a misery which was the only downside. Maybe he was just having a bad day?

The boys have been making me smile today.
My sons are 16, 13 and 5 and as you can imagine they don't have a great deal in common. Eldest loves footy, music and girls. Middling is in to cars, computers and drama. Littlest likes his Lego, Lego and more Lego.
There are however 2 things that they all seem to enjoy as one. The first is the IT Crowd and the other thing is this....

This is a scene I will never get tired of. The trampoline is now 4 years old and showing it but it is the best investment we have ever made. They bounce, they chase, they wrestle and they make up all sorts of ball games. You may notice that Eldest has gone out in his school uniform, Middling has got changed in to his scruffs and Littlest has slung on mismatched pyjamas.....all so different but above all else, brothers and friends.

I don't often blog pics of my boys but today they most definitely have to feature in my 'things that are making me smile' post.
Littlest was in his school assembly performance this morning. He has in past performances looked very awkward and pretty miserable truth be told. Today he looked so happy and he really enjoyed it. How they change.

Look at that little face.

Lastly for today all though something might make me smile this evening, who knows.
I have been after one of these for a while and I will tell you for why.
As I have mentioned on a previous post, my work desk is in our living room. For obvious reasons I am not keen to have an ironing board in the middle of my 'bestest room' but I do need to iron when I am doing any sewing projects.

I suddenly thought, what about one of those little sleeve boards. That would be very handy dandy.
Would you believe that there was one advertised on Freecycle? It was vintage, folding and free.
Now you know that I couldnt just leave it as it is. I just had to give it one of my 'jazzing up' treatments. If it is going to be on display in my living room it is gonna have to be at least a bit fancy pants in it's appearance.

5 mins, a bit of 50s fabric, some bobble trim, mini hammer and some tacks....
Ta Da

Isn't it great. Fancy pants indeed!
All I need now is a compact iron and I am cooking on gas.

Have you all realised that you need one too?

Tonight I will mostly be drinking tea, thinking some more about what to do with the inside of the sewing stool and possibly making another kitty.
I hope you all have a weekend filled with things that make you smile and thanks for reading. X

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  1. Hmmmm, my boys are much closer in age (8, 10 , 12) but we still sometimes struggle with things in common (especially since #1 thinks he's about 17!)
    We meet regularly over Modern Family and often all laugh at The Simpsons.
    Lovely ironing board (must investigate freecycle) and I can't believe that place is now a deli...must investigate that too!
    happy long weekend
    fee x

    1. Gosh your 3 boys are close in age. You must have had your hands full in the early years!
      Do try that deli, I think you will like it. The cheese scones are amazing. X

  2. Lovely post Emma, love your boys on the trampoline, remember the carshowroom, I had an old Aunt that lived in Alderley, she had this huge house that look over the Edge, did you see any footballers! Love your fancypants ironing board. Julie xxx

    1. Hi Julie, lovely to hear from you. I love posting local images, they're almost just for you!
      I bet your old Aunts house is worth millions now, all the footballers love it round there. Xxx

  3. Lovely happy post, and what a transformation! Love getting something old and battered and giving it a new lease of life. Have a lovely weekend, Claire xxx

  4. Dropped off the edge there for a while..sorry!, your sewing stool looks so lovely :-)... my two have a big age gap 6 years.... they used to fight all the time when they where younger but are really close now...although they wont admit it :-)
    love the ironing board looks fab x

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