Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Kitchen progress report.

It is just too hot for kitchen cleaning and organising. I am not complaining though, the sun is a welcome visitor to these parts.
I was planning on making my new kitchen perfect before the big reveal but because I feel that I am among friends on my blog I am biting the bullet and showing you some pics today.

Henry has been a busy vac!
The cupboards are fitted as are the worktops.

The cooker is in place and working......praise the lord.
The cooker is hi-tec so as of yet I haven't the foggiest what I am doing.

We have running water, woohoo, and the dishwasher is up and running.
The decorators are coming tomorrow and i have some finishing touches in mind, watch this space.

Due to being marooned in my living room for many an evening this week I have been busy with the kitties.

I made one for Littlests teacher, he chose the colours and the name.

A new boy kitty for the shop.

And just a few more for the fairs and my little Folksy shop. You can find them right here.

And, I treated myself to a kitty.

I just had to own my very own Jane Foster kitty, aren't they wonderful.
I am sure everyone knows about Mrs Foster and her lovely owls, cats and bunnys but just in case you are a little behind the times, here is her wonderful shop.
I may have to buy an owl very soon.

Anyhows, back to the cleaning!
Thanks for reading. X

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  1. Oooh Betty It looks fabulous, you must be so pleased that it is all coming together now
    Thea x

  2. Wow, I have utter kitchen envy! It's gorgeous - even on my small phone screen...but you are very right when you say it's too warm to clean, surely best to wait for the inevitable rain?!
    Can't wait to show Eve new boy kitty, and the one for the teacher is so pretty x

  3. Kitchen looking good! Kitty is leaving the UK tommorow for the USA xxx

  4. It's looking good Emma, to nice to use. There's a kitty in a box on my blog this week ( a real one).
    Lynn x

  5. Ooh you are lucky! My kitchen is the size of a matchbox ...

    Have a lovely evening, Claire xxx

  6. Wow Mrs Betty your kitchen is looking ticky boo! Julie xxx

  7. Am your newest follower... Love the cats! Your kitchen also looks wonderful.

  8. hiya, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I came over to say thanks and have spent ages reading your lovely posts.
    Glad the kitchen is in, the sewing box is a delight- and thats how I do my bootsale rounds- but please coulds you tell me what mod podge is? Here in the field we don't get it!!
    p.s at the end of a runway? Literally??

  9. Your new kitchen looks fab!! I'd love a new kitchen, alas no funds, I'm tempted to paint the units just for a change. Love your new kitty creations x