Sunday, 7 October 2012

A loss of confidence.

I am, to be quite frank, tearing my hair out.

It maybe that I have reached a crossroads in my (crafty) life.

I need to make some decisions on which direction I am going.

Since I have been focused on making/selling my kitty's I have possibly let my creative side get lazy and I am now feeling a little bit lost.

I want to explore new avenues and create a better business.
Worst scenario....proper job, god forbid.

Anyone feeling/felt like this?

Anyone else struggling on Etsy and Folksy?

Anyone find Facebook to be a good place for selling crafts?

My first plan is to book plenty more fairs. I don't do anywhere near enough. I love the fairs more than anything.
If you know of any in the North West please let me know.

I will be back tomorrow with a clear head.

- Posted using IPad and half my brain.


  1. Oh no, I kind of know how you feel. I've (in a very half hearted way) done two fairs and meant to set up an etsy shop. I keep track on other people who sell in this way and have seen that there are not many sales to be had on etsy and fairs have mixed reviews. I'm now thinking is it really worth the hassle if I'm only going to make the odd few sales every now and then. I think the only way it works is if you really spend most of your time marketing and advertising your products online. Hope this helps. BTW, got your email and have not done much about it so far. Will either put in an order for kitties or email you about it soon. xxx

  2. Sorry you are struggling at the moment, I'm sure it will pass, your kitties are great so I'm sure are more ideas in there somewhere! I'm just about to open my own Etsy shop so haven't any advice on that front! Ada :)

  3. I love your kitties and added them to my favourites on Etsy a couple of days ago!
    My Etsy shop has been very slow going but with a teaching job I haven't got time to commit to fairs. I have an ever increasing pile of 'stuff' I've made at home when really it needs homes of it's own.
    So not very helpful I'm afraid but don't stop the kitties!

  4. Oh Emma I'm sorry to hear this, I think it is really hard running a business of any sort these days, and I certainly think a craft business has to be at least 50% marketing - fairs are great because they're fun, and you get out and meet people and they can put a face to the product - but they can also be really disheartening if you don't sell much and you've spent a whole day standing there without much to show for it. If you've got a few kitties in stock in your online shop maybe you should take a couple of weeks off to reignite your creativity, maybe book yourself on a course or workshop to learn a new skill or medium - you could focus on creating some christmassy stock, or taking photos of the kitties and making them into cards...I don't know, but I do know your work is great and you definitely shouldn't get a 'proper' job unless you really have to!! Good luck & take care, Rachel xx

  5. I think it's hard to step back and see the best way forward for your own business, especially when you are busy running it.
    Market wise I know that Macclesfield has a monthly Treacle Market, there is an artisan market in Castlefield and Wilmslow plus the pop up vinatge market on Beech Road in Chorlton.
    Marketing is gruelling and time consuming, with twitter/facebook I'm never sure if anyone reads what I write!
    Good luck

  6. Bless you Emma i think a lot of us are the same. I've got my website and I've done etsy/folksy but it's hard for people to find you as they are so big. Facebook seems to go well for people. BUT it's all about marketing and that is so time consuming. I love markets for meeting people and a good natter as you know but it's hard work.
    Word of mouth is best and I try to promote people I meet by writing about them on my blog.
    I hope things pick up for you and we see your lovely smiley self soon.
    Try the Victoria baths hathersage road, m/cr they had a great vintage fair today and are having a craft one on 4th nov. I'm thinking of going myself.
    Lynn x x x

  7. Hope your little crisis of confidence passes soon .. your kitties are lovely and I am sure you have many more wonderful ideas ... I would love to make to sell but it is a dream I will have to work on as time permits ... three little ones and a hubby gobble up most of my time currently ... Bee xx

  8. Don't give up you are very talented. It is just a difficult economic time for everyone.Keep plugging away and I'm sure the way forward is probably more craft fairs. Are there any little gift shops that would possibly consider taking some of your items to sell for you?

  9. Dear Oooh Betty - I think that the crises is part of the 'creative process' and you will emerge, 'as a butterfly', at the other end. Recently I showed my daughter's friend (aged 13)some collars that I had made from vintage fabric. She has made a range of her own (aged 13) - taken them along to a local shop and they are now stocking her collars. Oh to be young again! But perhaps you could try something similar. Also Mollie Makes are always looking for something different - that was how I got into the magazine - drop them an email too.
    As Brucie would say...Keep crafting...
    Best wishes

  10. The Halifax Vintage Fair is GREAT! Its on 11th November at the Cedar Court Hotel between Halifax and Huddersfield. I think there are still some stalls left. Google HVF to find details of how to book. I'm having a stall there this time for the fiorst time...usually just go to spend money lol. PS this one is 4 times a year and they get over 1000 people through the door.
    Hope that helps and hope to see you there x Tess