Saturday, 20 October 2012

Fair News, Family News and Random News.


This is where I will be standing tomorrow.
It is a craft fair which means that I have been very busy crafting this week. The great thing pottery and glass to pack away and transport. Love that!

I will be taking loads of new ribbons, lace and trims ( this is just a niblet of my stash).

Some pretty little pincushions.

A few bundles of patchwork fabric squares.

A traffic jam of pussies on buses.

A suitcase of Foxes in Boxes ( plus one escapee).

I will be taking all my stock in 3 suitcases which will make a lovely change from lugging heavy boxes. Let's hope there are plenty of Christmas shoppers.

On the family news front, and including a rare picture, eldest son has got a job!!
I had to steal this pic from his Facebook page as he refuses to be photographed by me. It's almost as if he thinks I will slap it all over the world wide web ;)

Yes, my eldest son has a job at a supermarket that is an anagram of SADA.
After a rather tricky interview process, that involved us travelling to the wrong branch of the aforementioned large supermarket chain, he as actually managed to impress and starts training next week. I am chuffed on many levels, one of them being that I will be quite a bit richer.
He will be working at weekends and possibly after college.
He has just started studying for his A levels and is taking Maths statistics, Business, Accounting and Economics. He gets his brains from me.

The same night that I drove around Ashton for three hours, visiting the towns many branches of A**A, I was attending the Vintage Manchester awards night. It was all a bit of a mad frenzy but I managed to get ready in the nick of time.
I wasn't actually an award nominee ( I may be next year if I am brave enough) but OOB and moi went to support the Vintage Village team. They were nominated for the best vintage market.

This is a rather nice picture of us all (OOB, Sarah, Al and Me). The picture was taken by a very dapper gentleman by the name of Anthony.
The night was held at Matt and Phreds in Manchesters Northern Quarter and was all organised by my lovely friend Susan of Vintage Manchester fame.
And guess what....Vintage Village won! It is so well deserved.
I will be back at VV next month.

I received a lovely package from Martje over at Silly Old Suitcase.

What a treat. Such a lovely selection of goodies.
I encourage everyone to enter any of her future giveaways. I have used some of the fabrics for my little pincushions and all the colourful stickers for my fair pricing....brilliant.
I am going to wear the Rose necklace tomorrow.
Thanks Martje. X

Tonight I will mostly be eating a winter stew, maybe having a couple of beers (it is a Saturday) and desperately trying to find something worth watching on the box.

Thanks for reading. X

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  1. Lovely makes ... good luck with the craft fair tomorrow ... you have reminded me ... there is one in a town near me tomorrow as well ... guess I will be tootling off to have a peep ... have a lovely evening and weekend ... Bee xx

  2. Good luck at your market - lovely makes! Definitely going to buy a fox for my littlest Jammer's birthday.

    1. Hi Ellie,
      I love 'Little Jammers'. I would have little Bettys but I think my big boys might not be too pleased.
      Emma xxx

  3. Just packed all my Doodly Birds for Whalley Craft Fair. Let's nope we all have a good day Emma.
    Lynn x

    1. Hi Lynn, how are you?
      Hope you had a good day at the Whalley Craft Fair. I had a pooh quiet. Not doing it again!
      Speak soon xxx

  4. Hi, we met today (I'm Flossie's Garden), I love my fox in a box, but have resisted the temptation to get mr Fox out to play and have put him away for my youngest son's Xmas pressie.
    My eldest daughter has just started her a levels too, it's an interesting time in their lives isn't it?
    Was lovely to meet you. x

    1. Hi Jeanette, lovely to meet you too.
      Where is your daughter studying? You don't look old enough to have a teenager!
      Not a great day today at the fair, probably won't do it again. How did you do?
      See you again soon. Xxx

    2. Terrible day, worse one yet. I'm signed up till Xmas so I bloomin well hope it perks up for Nov and December.
      My eldest is at Cheadle sixth form college.

  5. Dear Oooh Betty - all of your makes and creations look a real delight, I particularly love how you have boxed your lovely creatures - what a clever idea. I am waiting for a lovely sunny day so that I can take a lovely photo of the one that you kindly sent me - not many sunny days of late...
    All the best with the fair and with your son's job - I hope that he gets a staff discount!
    Best wishes

  6. hope your fair went well. I like the idea of you taking your stock in suitcases! Good idea. Well done to your son, you are proud mum! fancy thinking you would slap his picture on the world wide web!!Heather x

  7. hello there...i have just found your lovely blog.....i particularly like your foxes in boxes.....they are gorgeous! i will return.....:) x