Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hard At It...


Today I have spent pretty much all day holed up in my new, bijou work room.....more on that later.

What have you been doing I hear you ask.
I have been busy making foxes I answer politely.
Pesky little foxes might I add.

               And I have been making boxes for those pesky little foxes. 


I have also been busy developing my new kitty packaging and all will be revealed tomorrow, if I have time. I do need to focus on Saturdays fair and OOB (other Oooh Betty) and I will be having a major conflab tomorrow which will require seriousness, coffee and I am hoping some of her world famous lentil soup!

The fair is all about crafts and vintage. There is also a record fair for the blokes (this is how we sell it to them).
It is being held at 2022NQ which is on Dale street, Manchester in the Northen Quarter. A very trendy part of town which suits as I myself can sometimes be trendy when the need arises.
We will be appearing in all our glory (not naked, are you mad?) from 12 onwards and we have some cool stuff....sneaky pre peek tomorrow.

Talking of sneaky pre peeks, and on to my bijou workroom, I have caravan news.
Maurice is complete!
Mr Betty and I worked ourselves flat out....not like that you filthy lot...
I am only ready to give a peek at the mo.

Not too sure why? I tell you everything!
Maybe I need to keep it for myself for a bit ;)

I'm not sure.
I will be talking about Maurice a lot more very soon but what I can say is that I absolutely love him.
He has heat, he has tunes (radio 2/radio 6M) and I can pop in to the west wing of the house and get hot tea whenever the mood takes me.
I can't wait to show you around properly.
Thanks for reading and I must add, being the serious business type woman that I am, my foxes are now available in my shop.
I need to take better pics when the light is better (probably sometime next July) but I thought I would pop them on the shelves anyway...just in case. x



  1. Loving Maurice and cant wait to get the guided tour! The foxes are gorgeous too, you are very talented!

  2. You have been so busy mrs, well done for being so focused. Have a great weekend.
    Lynn x

    1. Nice busy I like to think.
      Thanks Lynn.
      Are you coming to Manchester on Saturday? X

  3. Loving those foxes and thinking I might need to buy one for my littlest jammer's birthday.
    I hope you don't mind I've just 'tagged' you on my blog. If you don't want to play don't worry, it's the first time I've bothered to get round to it.

  4. Lovely little foxes ... Maurice looks splendiferous ... can't wait for the tour ... Bee x

  5. Gosh there has been a fox boom in your neck of the woods, they look great, those little boxes look fantastic! Can't wait for the big reveal! Ada :)

  6. Cant can't wait to see inside Maurice properly, I particularly like his official door with a proper plant outside.
    Foxes look great, was your mums sweat shop open for tank-top making?

    1. The sweat shop is open 24/7
      I am a demanding sweat shop boss!

  7. They are looking very lovely, and well done for making so many, I get distracted so easily. Maurice I think is looking Fine, can't wait to see more :-)