Monday, 15 October 2012

Oooh Betty Loves

This is the new version of my 'smile' post. It is now called Oooh Betty Loves.
This also happens to be my tweeting title which was forced upon me due to some cheeky soul beating me and borrowing my Oooh Betty title.
I will get it back one day....mark my words.

On with the happy things.
The fair on Saturday was brillos. Who'd of known that a Kopparberg event would involve so much cider consumption?? I had every flavour available....some more than once.
Very good atmosphere.

There were knitters knitting bananas.

There was a stall called Stock that had fabby blankets at right good prices and some great vintage clothes.

A stall called J'adore Vintage that sold really funky accessories and jewellery.

There was me....

And OOB (other Oooh Betty).

And my mostest favouritist...

This stuff is by Vanessa of 'Den at Beechwood'.
I will be doing about 90% of my Christmas shopping with her this year.
Vanessa has assured me that she is about to update her Etsy shop very soon but if you like anything you see (as if you won't), just pop over and see her on Facebook She is very friendly.
I got this and I love it.

On Saturday I wore my new, thrifted, necklace.

It is Vintage Avon.

And whilst on the subject of funky jewellery, I met this great lady who makes really quirky, vintage inspired jewellery.

This necklace is made, using amongst other recycled stuff, a vintage poker chip....brilliant!
I will be doing a bit if Christmas shopping with Josephine too.
You can find all her amazing jewellery here

And lastly, as promised some years ago, her is my 'Puss on a Bus'.

Do you like it?
The bus can also travel to Purrley, Purrfleet, can probably see where I am going on this one.

I am going to pop them on the shop shelves tonight.

Tonight I will mostly be very busy.
Thanks for reading. X

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  1. Puss on a bus! Love it! Does it stop at Mousehole too? ( sorry for bad joke! Apologise to all those lovely people who live in Mousehole, I know that's not how you pronounce it!).
    Looks like a great fair, glad you did well! Ada :)

  2. Lovely fair Emma , hope you did well, your stall looks fab ... and the fox purse is gorgeous! Love the kitty too xxx

  3. Looks like the best fair ever, so many beautiful things to buy. Will be checking those photos again later for potential Xmas presents. I now have girls mulling over whether to get puss on a bus or fox in a box. You do not realise what trauma you have caused them!! Will let you know once the indecisive pair have come to a decision. xx

  4. Would have loved a 'browse' around this fair, Mrs Betty!
    Your stall looks interesting and love the crochet blankets at just the right price!!
    Forget to say that I loved 'Fox in a box' on earlier post, he was indeed foxy!!
    Love Mariax

  5. there's a hamlet near me called Cat Babbleton - I kid you not, just google it.

    1. I am going to have to have a bus destined for Cat it!

  6. So glad you enjoyed the fair ... looks like there was lots of lushy stuff there ... love your little fox purse and puss on a bus is brilliant :) ... Bee xx

  7. Puss on the Bus--wonderful! Is that fair only for invited people or can anyone go? and is it only once a year--it looks very interesting. Glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Hi Veronica, I think it is a one off sadly.
      Great doing a fair in a warm, cool venue. The free cider helped too!

  8. Enjoyed seeing the pics. Love Puss on a bus - totally inspired. You are a genius! xx