Thursday, 14 February 2013

Birthday Barbara

Yesterday it was Barbaras Birthday.
Barbara is now middle aged and feeling it.

What Barbara needed was something to take her mind off this rather distressing milestone, a shopping spree, some nice food, maybe a few drinkies and most importantly a night away from home with her OH Mr B.

Barbara does Brunch

Oooh Barbara, slow down!

Barbara beautifies

Barbaras blumptious bed
Barbara got everything she wanted and now 40 don't seem all that bad. x


  1. Dear Barbara
    Just to say its not so bad the whole 40 thing, I feel I am almost an expert now having been 42 and soon to be 43 /,.,.,Yikes holey Moley... do not worry Babs, all will be well... all will be well xx
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !" x :-)

  2. Oh My...... I love Babs !!! Happy Birthday Babs and Betty xxxx

  3. Happy Birthday Barbara! I'll be joining her in the 40s next year...looks like fun the way she does it! xxxx

  4. Mine is coming up - hope I have as much fun as Barbara!

  5. Babs looks a little worse for wear on that last pic...happy days Babs n Betty xxx

  6. Happiest of birthday wishes flying over to you from Rubie Magpie!! Hope Beautiful Miss Babs enjoyed every minute!
    I also wanted to say 'thank you' to you for introducing me to your corner of blog land, I have really enjoyed catching up with your adventures and gorgeous creations so far and I'm now a new follower so I don't miss what happens next!! Plus it's very nice to meet a fellow crafter from up here in these here northern parts!!
    Happy Weekend
    Love Haylie x