Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Corners...and some straight bits

 A few corners of my home and as the title suggests, a few straight bits, just for good measure.

ercol love

more ercol love

ikea love

cupboard love

apple love

brother love

non minimalist love

This week (so far) has been fab.
My friends have been more amazing than usual (you know who you are) and I got a new/old Ercol 3 piece suite. Woohoo.
Today has seen me on a spring cleaning mission which seemed a jolly good time to take a few piccies around the house.
Lets hope it still looks like this in the morning......
yeah right ;-)


  1. Your home is lovely Emma!

  2. I think you home is fantastic, quirky and fun! :) x

  3. Thanks for sharing your home with us Emma ... It's bloomin lovely!

    Love Claire xx

  4. So gorgeous ... I would happily move in ... I so need to get my spring cleaning done ... Bee xx

  5. hmmmm when can I move in :)

  6. Gorgeous decorating! You have a charming home :)

  7. I will revisit this blog post for inspiration when I move house - love a bit of Ercol!

  8. I just love your decor, the colors, the eclectic look. It just looks great.

  9. Love the way you have arranged things in your home - perfect!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. Your home is seriously gorgeous. I can't believe how much ercol furniture you have you lucky thing! You have such an eye for display and colour, too. xx

  11. so lucky to be given the Ercol couch. It has a very roomy and generous seat don't you think! nice touches around your house. Heather x