Saturday, 24 August 2013

Crafty Mag and Me

Just a quick one on this rather lazy Saturday.
I am sure you are already well aware of this new mag on the block, I love it.
The last issue was most fab and I am absolutely mad over the front cover of the next issue, issue 6

To make this issue even more exciting, for me anyway, is the fact that my home is lucky am I.
There will be some professional pics, a nice change from my shaky offerings on here and there may even be a little pic of Maurice. Maurice is becoming quite a big headed little caravan of late.

So I am feeling a it foxy about issue 6, and it looks like it is going to be a really good one!

It is in the shops on the 29th of this month *(it being August if you, like myself, don't actually know what day it is).
I will be up bright and early that day and will be partaking in a pastry by way of celebration...weehee.
Thanks for reading. x

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Things That Are Making Me Smile

I have been so useless of late.
No blogging, minimal Instagramming, quite a lot of doing nothing really.
As a mum, I am enjoying the lazy mornings but I cannot lie, I am quite keen to get them back at school/college (such a bad person).
I am sick of making cheese toasties...dropping off/picking up and the ridiculous amounts of washing.

Sorry to moan, I love them all dearly...most of the time ;-0

Luckily for me, there are a few things that are making me smile through the pain.

love these ever changing shelves

mother made me a patchy blankie

I treated myself to some new Washi tapes

quite enjoying old cans
this one is full of homegrown herbs

Maurice has been organised to within an inch of his life

thrifted jumble sale fabrics

colourful vintage kiddo cupboard stuff

kiddo corner

loving my Pinstagram prints

car boot stash

car boot stash

gorgeous, very personal blocks from this lovely lady

my funny boy and his snake (they are inseparable)

I hope my pics made you smile too and I am very much planning on putting a bit more effort in on this here blog.
Don't hold me to that though will you?