Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Lo Fi Dreamkeepers

Last week I was most happy to be asked to be a part of one of the LoFi craft groups in a more official capacity.
As you know, LoFi night is my most fave night of the month.
I get to sit with my friends, eat nice food, chat, and create something fantastic.
I have learnt a lot of new skills...needle felting, patchwork and I have met some very special people.

a little bit of inspiration courtesy of Nico and an extract from the BFG

Nico aka Ms Ophelia Button and I decided to make 'Dreamkeepers"
After seeing so many beautiful dreamcatchers around in shops, craft magazines and the like, we chose to give the idea a little twist, and not only catch our dreams, but keep them in a safe place forever.

hard at it
 Nico and myself did a practice run at my house, helped along with pink lemonade and chocolate cake.
The design that worked best was to build up the dream in the lid of the jar, decorating the actual jar with paper or fabric.
The jar could then be screwed in place over the lid.
My jar contained one of my Fimo figures of an old lady, happy and healthy and wearing her hair in a bun. I also added a pretty mug and a sweet little cake (things that make me happy). 
Most importantly in my jar was a little silver typewriter and an Oooh Betty book.
My biggest dream is to write a book.
The typewriter was one of my mums charms, given to her when she got her first job at the Daily Mail in Manchester.

not so hard at ;-)
Some of the LoFiers glued their trinkets into the jar lid, others created a floating effect using cotton or wire (I used wire).
One of our favourites was a girls dream of having big hair....brilliant!

work in progress
 Between myself and Nico we took fabrics, buttons, trims, trinkets, doll heads, beads and lots more.

nature inspired dream keeper
It was so interesting seeing all the dreamy creations.
Even Mr Betty got involved in the practice session and created a travel inspired dream keeper.

favourite things dream keeper (Ms Beths)

Belle and Boo/ Nico and her bunny Pantoufle

dreams of a healthy old age, tea, cake and an Oooh betty me

I can't wait to find out what we will be making next month and I am also hoping that I get asked to be a LoFi helper again sometime in the future.

If you want to read the official Craft Mafia LoFI post you can find it here
You can also use the link to find out all the Manchester Craft Mafia events.

Thanks for reading and I hope you feel inspired to dream x


  1. Ooh what a fabulous idea, Emma, so much inspiration!

    Love Claire xx

  2. looks like a great night, love your little Dream Keepers, such a cute idea!

  3. what a fantastic idea..I will have to try this with my daughter...and I'll be making one too xxx

  4. Found a copy of Reloved so will be reading up on you - again!!!!