Friday, 22 November 2013

an accident in the bedroom

be prepared for a rather sorry story if you will
this all goes back a while, actually to the night before we went on our family holiday
everyone was rather excited, there was a lot of frolicking, and then 'it' happened
 next thing I know Mr Betty is looking down upon a badly damaged rod, I knew then that things would never be the same in our bedroom

it took 3 months
a trip to Macclesfield
much discussion over a possible size reduction
but eventually….

….we have a new bed
we also have a new NO BOUNCING ON THE BED rule (adults not included)
Mr Betty likes to joke that we should have clipboards on the end of our new crib stating any current ailments, food intolerances etc. I don't find him funny

the new bed gave me an excuse for a good reshuffle, it doesn't take much
I am rather happy with the fresh new look

top tip-rather than purchasing new furniture I just painted some old mismatched pieces of Ikea
I used a standard emulsion and then gave them a top coat of Farrow and Ball Eggshell Varnish

thanks for reading


  1. There is a moral to your story...don't risk it with a weak rod! I like the pops of colour, that fireplace really glows. I hope you didn't climb on the wardrobe to take pic no 8...EE xx

  2. the word 'rod' makes me laugh.
    childish, I know

    fee x

  3. Your bedroom looks fabulous - am so impressed by the lack of clutter and the space - I'm trying.... :)

  4. Your bedroom is glorious. I love your duvet cover too. Xx

  5. Looks lovely, glad the adults can still bounce on the bed!

  6. Wow, there is nothing I don't like about your room, it's just lovely x

  7. It just looks wonderful. I love it all. We have such a small room so your space looks great. I'd love a bed with ends, but at 6ft 5" my man moans it would be torture as his sticking over the end legs would get all caught up when he tossed and turned. I thought hey ho what about a room each then and you can just visit me!

  8. Lovely, did the trip include Arighi Bianch's!

  9. Just lovely, and so glad you re-used everything because it looks fabulous!

    Love claire xxx

  10. What a lovely bedroom, just found you through Pinterest, like your style and the blog. Katie