Monday, 1 January 2001

Thrifty Thursday and a very pink tea wagon.

Not a great deal of thrifty finds for you. I think I am ruining the chance of a great Thrifty Thursday by revealing my finds prematurely. Ho hum, I cannot stop my giddy kipper ways.

This green rack is going to go on my outside wall to be filled with little herb pots. I am so keen for spring to arrive.

Job for Mr Betty and his trusty drill.

I also found this sweet little coaster and napkin set, they are 'off to the fair'.

I would like to keep them but I think they actually should be used at a party, martini perhaps?

I am going to now mention something that I haven't actually thrifted but it is one of those things that plays on your mind.....should I have bought it? should I go back and get it?

There it is, sat in the window at Oxfam, missing it's little spool cover. The man in the shop said he could make me a little metal cover for it but he seemed a little crazy so I cannot be convinced on this one. It will probably keep me awake tonight (not the crazy man, the sewing machine).

Jane bought a lovely sewing stool, well it was not lovely to begin with but she has done a marvellous job of up cycling.

This will be at the fair
On Sunday.

I finished my tea wagon last night, a miracle might I add given the evening I had, school disco 5-6.30 then football training 7-8. I am so chuffed with it and would like to thank jane for the inspiration.

I will use this at the fairs for display purposes and then happily bring it home after to use for housey things like cake and tea. How nice.

Remember how I mentioned the draw here
. The kitties will be conducting the very technical draw on Monday. Please feel free to enter between now and Monday to win the retro Staffordshire pottery jar.

Just a quick snap of the aforementioned kitties who are now actual terrorists living amongst us.

They may look like little angels but trust me when I tell you this, they are a mini gang of vagabonds with terror and destruction on their minds.

Look at him trying to look don't fool me little fella!

Thrift store finds

Really felt the need to go thrifting today. Due to it being the school holidays I had the little one in tow, this is not a problem as he always manages to find something for himself.
The first pic is something I found last week but have only just got round to photo taking.
The other pic is today's stash and a close up of a little Swiss,Austrian? Chalet that is a little photo viewer. I love it, reminds me of one I had as a little girl and contains really retro pics of mountains, chalets and holiday makers.

70s pump flask with fab flower print

Pencils (purchased for box design), great orange napkin rings and much more.

Close up of little Swiss chalet view finder

All in all a very pleasant day and in case you are worrying, my little one found a dinosaur book and a big toy robot.
Off to display my purchases and feed the gang. X