Monday, 1 January 2001

Thrift store finds

Really felt the need to go thrifting today. Due to it being the school holidays I had the little one in tow, this is not a problem as he always manages to find something for himself.
The first pic is something I found last week but have only just got round to photo taking.
The other pic is today's stash and a close up of a little Swiss,Austrian? Chalet that is a little photo viewer. I love it, reminds me of one I had as a little girl and contains really retro pics of mountains, chalets and holiday makers.

70s pump flask with fab flower print

Pencils (purchased for box design), great orange napkin rings and much more.

Close up of little Swiss chalet view finder

All in all a very pleasant day and in case you are worrying, my little one found a dinosaur book and a big toy robot.
Off to display my purchases and feed the gang. X


  1. Lucky you, love the little swiss chalet......hows the etsy thing going? o was it folksy, i get so confused :-) x

  2. Hi, I have had no action on Etsy as yet. I think, being in GB I should have gone on Folksy but I love Etsy so I will wait and see.
    My blog has gone wrong! This entry was supposed to be deleted as it went funny and it is claiming to have been posted in December 2010?
    Why all the orange lettering too?
    Please help me ;) x

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