Thursday, 27 October 2011

1st sale on Etsy....whoop!

Today I have been blessed with my first sale on Etsy. I am thrilled.
It has given me the oomph to add more items and get more focused. This will not occur however til Saturday as I am working in Birmingham tomorrow ( working at my more serious job sadly).
Here are some pics of some extremely random things just for the sake of it!

I would like to thank a certain person for making me feel more blog confident by adding some really sweet comments and supporting my attempts at crochet.
Her blog is absolutely fab too.
Just received my Mollie Makes magazine so tonight I will mostly be drinking tea, eating fruit cake and pouring over Mollies great pages of inspiration.

There may be some more crochet practice too. X

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  1. Hi Emma that's so kind of you, thank you xx Well done on the sale....Yey!!