Sunday, 30 October 2011

Thrifty goods and crochet progress update.

I have had a most wonderful weekend.
Yesterday I spent the day (with Mr Betty and smallest boy) at a little village near us called Chorltonville. It is a little area of Chorlton that is very lovely with great cafe's, shops and restaurants. The local pub holds a Vintage fair and it is rather good.
I myself have never had a stall but I will be mentioning it to my pal Jayne when I see her and I feel we may be a part of it in the future.
Mr Betty bought me a super, orange (he knows me well) ice bucket.

I spent all my money at the farmers Market. I bought Uncle Peters fudge and shortcake, I also purchased a couple of scone purely based on the fact that I have some clotted cream in my fridge, slippery slope I know!

Last night we had a child free night so took advantage by going out early with our most bestest of friends for a slap up meal and plenty of drinkies..twas bliss.

Today Mr Betty and myself woke early????? It turned out to be really early when we realised the clock thing had occurred but this was actually a blessing. We usually rock up to the carboot sales as the sellers are packing away but not today!! We actually saw some peeps setting up, a miracle.
I had such great luck today. So many little pottery critters, so much crafty supply items.
Here are a few snaps of my treasures.

The little critters are salt or pepper pots which is great as I have quite a collection now.
The red clog is quite large and is actually a money box, so pretty.
The cheeseboard was only 40p can you believe. It now sits with my other cheeseboard and Mr Betty was very pleased as we now have a cheeseboard each.

We are now off to swimming followed by a pizza tea.
This might seem a bit extravagant after last nights feasting but we feel it is justified as our wonderful friends treated us last night which was just lovely.

As promised in this blogs title I must now update you on my crochet progress, particularly for Sophie as I am sure she is worried sick ;)
I mentioned something ridiculous about a large blanket as my first project. I have actually made a mug cozy that is not large.
What I must say though is that crochet is amazing. It is addictive, it is therapeutic and it made my journey to and from Birmingham a joy.
The blanket will happen I am convinced. I just need lots more practice and that will not be a chore in the least. Crochet rocks!! X

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