Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween and yet more crochet practice.

I am having a little Halloween party tonight for smallest son and 3 of his pals. No one ever calls at our house because it is a bit out of the way and there are no children living locally so I have really gone for it. In fact the house is so scary no one will call anyway.
I have spooky cakes, spooky sweets and lots of rats and bats.

I have also had fun arranging my new pottery creatures on my fireplace.I may have to cut down on my addiction as I have filled my cabinet and the shelf above the wood burner is getting there.......I could always purchase another cabinet!

I have now completed 4 crochet mug cozys and I need to move on.
I was advised to look at Apparently it has an abundance of free crochet patterns for download so I am going to check that out later.

I will need to purchase some nice yarn too as so far I have been using up my mums left overs.
Going to do some more party prep now and have a nice cup of tea, in a mug, in a flippin mug cozy no doubt! X

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