Friday, 21 October 2011

1st tale from the end of the runway

Where to start?
I think it most important that I explain, by way of photo evidence, why my tales come from 'the end of the runway'

Yes, it is grey and it is rather a disappointing choice of plane but I was very keen to get started right away (she says after starting the blog some months earlier).
I have had so much joy and inspiration from other people's blogs that I made a decision to start my own and share some of my tales.
I will also be opening an Etsy shop. I have had a real life, bricks and mortar kind of a shop before and I have a stall at a local Vintage fair on a regular basis so I figured 'why not?'.
I will be sitting at my little desk trying to work out how to start said shop and probably calling for Mr Bettys help at regular intervals.......wish me luck!

I might, however, sit on the couch and eat biscuits whilst thinking about said shop. It is Friday!!

Here's hoping for a happy, productive weekend. OBx

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