Friday, 13 January 2012

Big thanks and late thrifty Thursday.

Thanks to everyone who left such kind comments yesterday. So important that people understand and feel your pain. I didn't manage to sleep too well last night, I wish I hadn't been the one to find Perry as the picture of him on the road is haunting me at the moment. I am sure, given time, it will pass. I want to remember the fun Perry!

As I am not one to spread my misery I am going to stick to my NY resolution of a new, more structured and sophisticated blog ( I hope no one is taking me too seriously).
Yesterday was to be the 2nd week of 'Thrifty Thursday'. I have moved it to today due to extreme circumstances. It won't happen again........I hope.
I have some treasure to share. I am slightly concerned that I seem to purchasing a lot of toys. Am I regressing to childhood?

How cute is this little gathering of goodies.
Knitting Nancy is for me, yay. Love it.
The little wooden pull-along hen is possibly for sale, I do love his wobbly little head though. Will have a think about it.
The tin is for me, it will be full of buttons....obviously.
The clog was a cheer-up gift from Jayne. It is going in my porch on the kitchenette. The boys will use it to brush down their school blazers before departing for school in a dapper fashion (yeah right).
Talking of the kitchenette. It was all green, I was a bit unsure about it's 'all greeness'.
So TaDa

Yellow doors and yellow drawers all ready for the spring.
It is in need of a few more nic nacs, this I am aware of. I could move some things from my existing collections or I could go out and find new things, ummm??

Thought I would start running some blog parenting classes too, sharing some of my perfect parenting skills with you, steering you all in the right direction.
1st lesson; the morning routine

Yes, this is how it is done. Toast, tv and a crumby mummy bed.
Whilst offspring is engrossed in aforementioned tv, parents should be slurping down medicinal coffee and rustling through the dirty laundry in a desperate quest for PE socks.
End of lesson.

Oh yes, forgot about this little lovely.

I just cannot get enough of wall birds at the mo. This is just so kitsch it has gone full circle and is now very stylish ( in my Unprofessional opinion).
Oh, and what about this for kitsch.

It is only a bloomin Swiss jewellery box that is in the shape of a guitar and musical. It is made by 'Reuge' and I think it is a bit special. Yes, you guessed it, it is a keeper.
Think that's all for now.
Might have some exciting news very soon. Will tell all as soon as I am sure myself :)
Thanks again everyone. X

I am NOT pregnant btw. (shiver)!

Location:Various thrift shops.

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