Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Tuesday book club plus a new project.

Hello and welcome all to my 4th book club meeting.
Today I am going slightly out of the box with a non-reading book. This little book was a purchase from Oxfam.

It is so Brillo!
It has really cool little iron on decals and fab ideas.

Great to embellish lavender bags, needle books and little t-shirts.
Really easy to use, yes I have tested some. Also includes loads of letters and numbers in different styles. If you love to craft this is a really good buy.
I made these.

Just felt, lavender and pretty ribbon left overs. They were great at Christmas.

Although I have promised a more sleek, sophisticated and structured blog I am still a bit of a rambler so if I have something to say, even if it is Tuesday book club, even if it is not a book, I am going to have to speak up.
I am starting a new dolls house. Might I advise anyone with a love for interior design etc to delve into the world of dolls houses. It is a cheap, fun way of doing a house exactly how you fancy at the time. I love it!

It needs a lot of work but that is the pleasure of it all. I already have one of these that I have finished. I really like the style of this 70s Lundby house and it has a good shape to it. I just added these legs that I had stashed away (yes I do stash random legs).
I have started to paint some of the walls white but I am going to take my time over my choices.
I made an EBay purchase of a cool Danish style suite.

I will cover and pad the chairs and sofa, just need to find some funky small print fabric. Want to go down the Eames route. Heals fabric would be perfect!
Any suggestions welcome, as always. Flooring advice required in particular.

I am going on an adventure with Jayne tomorrow and I am considering doing a 'picture an hour' blog post. I will only publish if it is interesting ie, 12 cups of tea and my feet on a foot stool are not gonna make it!!
Does anyone else do this style of blog? Am I mad?
Worried now that I will have to have green tea and muesli for breakfast just to impress :)
See you tomorrow.......


  1. Love the dolls house, very clever putting the legs on..... thanks for the comment , hope you are ok, been thinking off you, know how much it hurts xx hope you had happy adventure, sounds fun, will look forward to the pics :-)

    1. Thanks Sophie. Didn't manage the picture an hour thing, got too excited on our adventure.
      Bought loads so will reveal tomorrow, thrifty Thursday. X

  2. Yay, I found one of your Lundby renovations! Very cool. I'd love to see the finished product. Great idea to cover/pad that cute Danish-style suite! Let me know if you didn't get my email about the Lundby items you were interested in. :^) Julie