Friday, 20 January 2012

Late (again) Thrifty Thursday.

A thrifty 70s doggie....oh how I love thee!

I must start my post today with an apology. I am not keeping to my new regime.
Last night was parents evening, it went on for what felt like hours and actually was hours.
I also failed to complete my 'pic an hour' post. I started by taking a picture of my adventure gear ie; bag,camera etc and then took a snap of my breakfast (special K with full fat milk and a pound of sugar) and that was that. I really need to become more snap happy particularly now I have such a lovely camera.
I am going to attempt to complete 'pic an hour' blog post in the next few days.

My adventure day, which by definition is actually a thrifting marathon, was great. Just what I needed after recent events.
Jayne picked me up at 9.00 and we were straight onto the M56 on our way to Frodsham. Jayne and I had an Oooh Betty unit in Frodsham a while back and we do like to go back and visit from time to time. It is a great place to search for treasure.
I snapped all my buys on my return, well not everything as some will appear on my stall.
The following selection are all keepers.

Cute little blue typewriter for my desk. My yellow typewriter is to be sold on my stall next month.

Yet another tin. I really like the colours on this one. It is a little battered but that doesn't bother me.

A sweet little Swiss music box. It works! It is also a bit worn and torn but the picture is gorgeous.

A kitsch bambi letter rack. Just perfect! It is hung above my desk.

I am up for a quiet one this weekend. My eldest needs to revise like he has never revised before. Mr Betty, the littlest boy and moi are off to our friends 'The Herbs' on Saturday evening and Sunday .......

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  1. You have been extremely lucky with your finds. I especially love the 70s doggie, so cute! Enjoy your weekend. xx