Saturday, 21 January 2012

A real heart stopper!!

Hi, I was going to have a weekend without blogging but sometimes things just happen.
Met my friend Kaz as planned. Had a lovely lunch with a cheeky drink.

She is very pretty!

On the way home I spied (I wasn't looking honest) in the charity shop window a thing on my 'most coveted' list. I was super duper chuffed.

Staffordshire Potteries 70s jar of wonder! Oh how I love thee.

What do you think? Am I alone in thinking this is amazing?
Now I just want more ;)

I have been creating a few things for my Valentine fair. If it's ok can I have your thoughts?

Some variations of pin cushions. I always like to incorporate some vintage elements so that they sit right within the Vintage Fair. How sweet are the heart pins!

I am going to do some valentine corsages brooches too.

This is a tester, not overly sure on the design yet.
Needs something else??

I am now going to enjoy a nice cuppa tea and a bit of cake whilst I chill out pre evening out.
Enjoy your weekend folks. I am not thrifting tomorrow so unless something tres exciting occurs I will see you in the week. I have ordered a couple of new books, let's hope they arrive in time for Tuesdays book club meeting. X

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  1. Can I just say - I love the jar too (no one understands my loves either!) - Just joined your followers.