Sunday, 29 January 2012

Kitten Life and a request for ideas.

Well, as you can imagine, my life is all about the kittens. Lots of feeding, cleaning of poop trays and searching for the little devils......of course I am loving every second.

They are making good use of Perrys old bed. Luckily they do sleep quite a bit!!

Today I have been gutting my eldest sons room. It was an office when we moved in so had an abundance of shelving, all across the chimney breast and into the alcoves. I have ripped it all out and revealed the hearth and fire place (hole in wall). We have pulled up carpet and underlay.
I will take pictures of before and after as I have good plans for it. The eldest doesn't give a stuff what I do but I am ploughing on regardless.

I am after a bit of advice/some ideas if you can help.
I have acquired some amazing, well I think so, retro towelling. Large pieces too.

I have never worked with towelling fabric before and I have no idea what I could make with it??
I just know that I love it. Btw, it is all unused. The woman that owned it told me that her German mother had purchased it in the 70s to make outdoor cushions for sun loungers etc but never got round to it. I may sell some on.

I have been round at my inlaws this week. They have an old aunt living next door and she has loads of out buildings that I just love to nosey round. I managed to find a couple of battered old suitcases that I will picture when clean. Inside one of them were a few glasses.
Amongst them were these little beauties.

Vintage Britvic. Such pretty designs. I have put them on my fireplace for the time being so I can see them whilst I cook. Very cheery indeed.

My plan this week is to be at home as much as poss. Mr Betty and moi are on 'Mission Sortout'
It is a mission on a grand scale and is to involve many trailer loads of recycling and rubbish. Mr Betty has informed me, in a stern tone, that I must be brutal. Eek!



  1. I'm storing up 70's sheets at the moment to make a patch work quilt cover...
    I'm not sure if that link will work. Your fabrics might look nice as cutains? Kittens are gorgeous xx good luck with the clear out, just done the same :-)

  2. It didnt work but it is foxslane blogspot click on the caravan photo shoot! gorgeous-ness!! :-)

  3. I will get on to it! Thanks Sophie. X