Thursday, 26 January 2012

Thrifty Thursday, regime back on track!

Yesterday I was taken on a magical mystery tour. I was picked up at 9am and driven down a few different motorways for approx 45 mins. My tour guide and I filled this time with our usual chit chat so it flew by.
We arrived at an Antiques centre in Nantwich called, Dagfields. My chest tightened with excitement on realising there were 5.....yes 5 large buildings filled with treasure.
Now I am not going to tell you we found loads of treasure as that would be a lie. What I will say is this, it was very cool. There were many furniture items that I could have bought had I have had any space. Lots of brill kitchenettes, Ercol bits, stools etc.
My tour guide bought some amazing Carlton Ware salt and pepper pots.

They were the pinky ones from the above set. Real heart stoppers!

I got some little bambi salt and pepper to come.
I also got a cute little retro children's mug. I am a bit of a collector of kiddie cups.

The one with the cats is my new addition. Gorgeous.

Today I was not thrifting but I did purchase a vintage maxi skirt. I may model it during warmer climes but for now it is just here to be looked at.

I figured that even if I fail to wear this little beauty I will defo make good use of the amazing fabric. I am thinking, little White top and a choice of my ever growing clog collection. Bring on the sun:)

I have been sorting of late. It appears that everyone has. All the blogs I read have tales of the sorting kind, clearing attics and cupboards, donating bags of stuff to the charity shops etc.
I took huge amounts of stuff to my church today all in preparation for their twice yearly jumble.
I came away with a little something. Mavis Davis (yes really), the legendary jumble organiser extroadinaire let me have them.

I love stuff like this. Fabby little images of joy all packaged in a wonderful retro box. Love it.

Lastly, for today is just for all my cat loving blog friends.

Adorable. Xx


  1. What a wonderful sounding day out you had. My friend and I went on a charity shop run yesterday - first of 2012 and we managed to visit 7 in one day. I got two tops, a velvet blazer, a summer dress and a silk scarf - all for £20. Love a bargain! Your kittens are just too too cute. Hope they are settling in nicely. xx

    1. Julia, I love going on a charity shop splurge, they make the best days out.
      Sounds like you did ok. Kitties are settling in ok but the little boy has a mild case of flu. Nothing to worry about, just a quick course of antibiotics and lots of love and good food......bit like us really.
      Hoping you have put pics of your finds on your blog, gonna check it out now. X

  2. Just looked at your finds and I am so jealous! specially the Carlton Ware - that dress is too good not to wear! get it on now!