Monday, 9 January 2012

Sundays post fair feedback.

How cold was it today? The answer is, COLD!!

Today was the wonderful Vintage Village in Stockport. Jayne (quite poorly with a cold) and I were together again for this one :)
We were packed up and on the road by 9.15. We were unloaded, displayed and sitting with a cappuccino by 10.00. Excellent work if I do say so myself.
I was very happy with my stall today, new stock, new display shelves and a good location within the Victorian Market hall. I have taken some pictures pre sales today....hurrah. I am usually so giddy kipper that I forget, my new camera made me that bit more keen.

I did really well.

Do you know what makes me happy? I will tell you. Selling my handmade stuff, selling a bit of everything and buying things from others......
Yes, you know what I am saying, I made purchases too.
This little 'Worcester Ware' bin is just ace. The cat is just like my Perry, White vest, white socks and trouble written all over his furry little face.
Jayne found this for me, I didn't see it??

This is unbelievably brill and extremely useful might I add.
A little magazine rack with a table top. I am not even going to upset you with the price I paid, just too much of a Billy bargain for me to disclose.
This will go alongside my sofa and my guests will place their coffee on the little table top and peruse over the fascinating magazines it will house.
I bought this from a lovely lady who's stall is named Agnes Darling.She has a blog by the same name, check it out.

Now I am home, getting warm. I have just eaten a delicious Sausage casserole made by Mr Betty and I will have a lazy night tonight with my boys. The 2 big boys just returned from skiing yesterday and I missed them terribly.

I will blog again with my Tuesday book recommendation on Tuesday.......predictable I know.
If anything really cool occurs in the meantime rest assured I will be sure to tell.

Here's hoping Sophie keeps Arthur! Some of you will understand. Xx

Location:At home, warming up after fair.

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  1. A sad thing has occurred in my blog world. I have lost a months + worth of posts and pics. This was posted yesterday but has only just appeared.
    I will try and make up for all my lost posts by blogging a catch up this week.
    To summize, technology is great unless it fails and then it is sh**.