Monday, 9 January 2012

2 posts in 1 day

As you may have already noticed I have had a few problemos with my blog. I think it is all down to the Blogpress app, not naming names.
The outcome of this major hoohaa is that I have lost a month plus of precious, time consuming (slight exaggeration there) posts. To recap recent events would just be tedium, so this is the plan.
I will blog about 3 books tomorrow, 2 previous recommendations plus this weeks choice.
I will blog about my home and favourite bits and bobs which will cover any housey bits lost.
On Thursday (thrifty thursday to be precise), I will post a few pics of my favourite thrifted pieces including those previously mentioned, sorted!!
What has really annoyed me is this, and might I add that I went to bed early last night with a very bad temper.I had some really sweet little cards made with my shop, blog etc and handed loads out at the fair. I feel that if any new peeps take a look they will be most disappointed.

Anyhow, good nights kip = perspective.

Today I have re-covered my sofa cushions. This will be the second time. The sofa was an auction buy for 10 pounds.

Quite like the result. Look good within the room as I have a lot of grey painted stuff, fireplace etc.

I also pottled off to a local florist and purchase an Ivy and a Rose plant for a couple of new thrifted pots.

The pots were 1 pound each! I absolutely love them.
I have put them on my little tea trolley right alongside my fave sofa s I can see them at all times.

Whilst I waffle on I must mention Perrys new bed.
It was his Christmas present and he loves it. Sheepskin, right against the hot radiator, right next to me.

How cute! He flippin loves it. I think the fact that his fave crochet blanket is part of the set up makes it that bit more appealing.
Lastly, for today, I must report that I am feeling very jealous of my mum right now. The reason for this is as follows. She has gone to Brighton......for a whole week!
She is under strict instructions to send me photos of anything interesting ie, things for me. If my mother manages to send photos via her mobile phone this should all work out. I am not holding my breath. She does have a good idea of what 'floats my boat' so I am expecting treasure on her return. Love you Mum. X

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