Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Tuesday book club.

Hello everyone!
I have now mentally recovered from my blog disaster. I achieved this with deep breathing and cake.
I have been to the dentist (again) today. I am not scared anymore. My new dentist is amazing and my treatment is complete. So happy.

Anyway. On to the important book recommendations.
I would like to briefly mention my last 2 recommendations as I did tell a lovely little girl at the fair about a great crafty book that I had mentioned on this here blog. I would hate for her to check my blog and not find it. She was so cute and keen to get started in the crafty world, very important that crafting continues to the next generation.

So this is 'State of Craft'. It is lovely. Great images, simple ideas and a little write up on each contributing crafter.

This is the book that I recommended last Tuesday.
Belgium Family Style is beautiful. It has inspired me within my home and in particular in the boys rooms. Anyone will find ideas within it's pretty pages but it is particularly great for parents.

Be warned, it is not written in English but I think the pictures say enough.
I have requested Paris and London family style for my birthday.....fingers crossed!

This weeks recommendation is a ver popular book but I do look at it a lot and I think it is worth a mention in case any of my readers have not yet got it.

Holly Becker is big in the Decor world and she does know what she is talking about. I will be checking out her other titles too!

Please buy this book. It is a keeper. Great images and fab ideas.
I will be back next Tuesday with a new book idea. I am going to go straight to Amazon now.
See you all on Thursday for Thrifty treasure. Can't wait. X

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