Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Has anyone else fallen foul of a scam?

Today was going to be book related but I have felt it necessary to let off steam regarding a most unfortunate event.

I, a skeptic and a cautious Colin, have possibly fallen foul to a scam. I have not lost millions of pounds, I don't have millions of pounds to lose so that would be impossible.
It is not a scam of epic proportions eg, a lottery from foreign lands. It is not worthy of a Sky news headline banner. It is however worthy of me forsaking my book club and sharing the story with you.

Facebook is something I have little interest in I must admit. I love all the finding old pals and the craft/vintage side of things, don't get me wrong. But I seem to air my thoughts on very few an occasion. I like my blog and just lately Twitter for that side of my life.
Anyhows, I have a friend that was supporting a cause and thought I may like to get involved. It involved a person on a low income trying to raise money for a very sad and personal reason.
I don't wish to go in to too much detail as it would be unfair.
The person was well off their target amount and had little hope of reaching it via the avenues she had chosen. I decided to donate money directly (not a huge amount I am quite poor myself) and some of my handcrafted goods. The crafty bits would be sold and in a bidding style sale and any proceeds would be donated directly.
These are the items.

Just this morn I discovered a comment on the fundraising group wall that immediately raised alarm bells. I felt that I had to contact the aforementioned comment maker and find out more, I did not want to be involved in a scam of any sort.
I have received an email back and it does seem that although the fundraiser has suffered a personal tragedy it does not warrant a fundraiser and the money, quite possibly, is not going to be spent wisely (so to speak).
I am now in a kind of quandary as to what to do about my crafty donations. I don't want to cause aa hoohaa or any distress. Do I withdraw the items? Will I be letting down the bidders, surely it is their choice to donate??
I hope that I have not said too much and that I have not caused any upset but surely a blog is a forum to express what is happening in ones life and how one is feeling about said things.
I think I am full of doubt today.....


  1. This is a tricky one....I'm trying to think what I would do, like you say, you don't want to cause a fuss, I would be exactly the same, but on the other hand it seems wrong that this should be happening...My Mum always say's turn things on their head, so maybe what advise would you give someone else if you wer'nt directly involved, maybe? I don't know, I think you have every right to withdraw your items if things are not kosha......hope you sort it out, not nice to have troubles xx
    sophie x

  2. what a nice thing of you to do especially when living on a shoe string.I would still sell your items but keep the proceeds or donate it to a reputable charity.Its sad that they have suffered a personal tragedy but suffice to say some people take advantage of the situation for financial gain,I should know because my brother and his girlfriend I felt were doing the same thing.Hope you resolve it hunni your crafts are lovely xx

    1. Thanks for your kind words.
      Just read your latest blog btw, can't believe the transformation your body has gone through. Amazing!
      I MUST do some exercise, I know I would feel better for it. X

    2. Your welcome.Think ill do a post soon on healthy eating complete with recipes on a budget.It does make you feel better but its so hard to get motivated when you have children. x

  3. If it was me i'd totally withdraw the items. I know it's a difficult situation, but you did want the money raised to go to a good cause, and if that isn't going to be the case then i think you are right to change your mind. Maybe you could auction them for another good cause instead?

    They are very pretty btw! x

    1. Thanks Jen
      Update on story. The decision has been taken out of my hands. The page has been removed from Facebook and I think the police are now involved as it is being considered fraud.
      All very unsettling. X