Wednesday, 29 February 2012

An amazing adventure and a kitty in a colander.

What a day!
We (the other Oooh Betty and moi) have travelled afar.
We have thrifted and shopped for antiques up Yorkshire way.
I would like to tell you about a lovely lunch and coffee but alas, we were too busy miss lizzy for all that eating and drinking malarkey.
Before I show you my treasures I must show you some pictures of a great antique shop we visited. It was like a tiny piece of heaven.

Plenty of orange.

Loads of West German pottery.

Oh how we could have spent!! But of course, we are far too thrifty for that.
The treasures I did return home with were all thrift shop finds.

An Arthur Wood cheese dish.
Some vintage tins, they are growing on me.
Two 1950s desert dishes.
A totally cool retro board game 'the house that Jack built'
Homemade letter shelves.

I am so pleased with the little homemade shelves. As soon as I saw them I knew exactly what they were destined to be.
Absolutely great for display purposes and I will use them in my craft area when not in use at the fairs.

Do I paint them?

The other Oooh Betty didn't do to badly either.

That girl loves her glass!

The most fascinating find of the day, for me, was this and she is mine.

It is an antique Topsy Turvy doll. I am absolutely in love with her (and her).
Such gorgeous faces and a really pretty print dress.
If anyone knows anything else about these dolls I would love to know more. This sort of thing is not really my forte but as you know I am mad for vintage toys.
I hope someone can tell me her story.
I already know that I am not going to be able to part with her.

As you will know if you read yesterday's blog I had a strange day of doubt. I am not going to dwell on the tale of woe as I have decided to put it down to experience and move on.

So, I will just show you what I did last night. This sort of thing takes my mind off any worries.

So relaxing, sat in front of crappy tv, cutting, sticking, packaging and generally messing about with vintage haberdashery bits.

I will have a stall on two fairs this month so I am trying to be as productive as possible which is more often than not, not very productive at all.

Last but not least.

My kitty has decided to sit and sleep in my yellow colander. I use this colander for my fabric scraps so it is nicely lined for his little stinky bottom.
What do you folks do to make a bad day turn good?

Thanks for reading. X

Location:Rochdale (not incl kitty)


  1. lovely thrifts :) awww i wish i was as crafty as you. the topsy turvy doll is really something,id find it hard not to part with her,check on ebay but scroll down to two topsy turvy dolls for sale across the pond! jeez that is some excellent thrifting,very envious x

    1. It was quite a lucky day. I am not too sure of the dolls value, it appears that maybe the cloth ones are worth the most. I am not bothered as I have decided to keep her for now and she is sitting on my fire place shelf.
      I am going to do a giveaway in the next few days so hopefully I can share some of my thrifting luck. X

  2. Your shops must be great in yorkshire. Maybe I should move! My thrift shops over charge and generally charge more than new shops! Anyhooo great finds as always and bless your kitty! Mine does the same, never sleeps in her own bed :) xx

    1. I don't actually live in Yorkshire, I am a Manchester girl! We had a bit of a trip there and we will be going again.
      Where are you?
      My kitty's sleep in very strange places or right stretched out across my sofa so I have to Sit elsewhere. I am a slave to my cats. X

  3. Gorgeous finds, I love the tins & letter racks!

    Catherine, XO.

  4. Hi Catherine, I am glad you like my treasures. Still debating on the should I, shouldn't Ipaint the shelves.
    See how much time I have. X

  5. Wow what an amazing antiques shop, i'm very jealous.