Friday, 2 March 2012

Oooh Betty Loves Stockport

Today I went to Stockport. I went on the bus!
I don't often visit Stockport as it is so easy for me to hop on the train to Manchester. I am of course there on the 2nd Sunday of the month for the The Vintage Village . To be quite honest it is even rarer that I travel by bus. It was all rather exciting.

Stockport has such fond memories for me. My first job was in a little cafe called 'Tiviots'. The cafe was on the market brow. I was in charge of the coffee machine, I suppose I should have been called a Barista! Tiviots sold every flavour of tea that the world!!

Also my dad displayed, and sold, his first pictures in an art gallery in Stockport called Van Goghs. Most of the first pictures my dad sold were scenes of Stockport. The market, underbank etc

I did have a particular reason to be visiting today.I was meeting an old friend (a friend of old rather than him actually being old). I blogged about him here Obviously, being the person that I am, I had a quick browse around the flea market and the indoor market. Being me I did purchase some buttons.

We met at a really nice cafe (pictured above) called Da Vinci's Best coffee I have had in a while might I add. We had a good catch up, 10 years to be precise, a lot has happened as you can imagine.

My friend works in this fabby shop on Stockport Market.

The shop is called Restore and you can read all about it here It is so worth a visit.
My friend showed me around. The are 2 floors of beautifully restored furniture that can be bought for very good prices. There is a basement where, quoting my friend, "all the magic happens".
Donated furniture is given a new lease of life using fab paint and hard work.

The ethos of this wonderful shop has made me love it even more, I want to be involved in some way.
I decided to blog about it so that other people know it's there and to hopefully encourage more good quality furniture donations.
Everything is on the Restore website. There is an easy link on this here blog to save you time!
Please have a read and let me know what you think.
I'm sure I will be blogging about this place in the future.

Anyhows, it is Friday, it is the weekend and Mr Betty and Moi have plans.
We are off to Wales. Ooohbetty loves Wales.
I will tell the tale on Sunday night, leaving out any rude bits (no kids so who knows).
I hope to fit in a bit of thrifting, a coastal walk, loads of coffee and food breaks and hopefully find Mr Betty a Land Rover or two.
Thanks for reading. X


  1. I love this shop,I have been in a few times when I have been to vintage village.I didnt realise it was only two floors as there is three flights of stairs so I went up that one as well and quickly realised I wasnt supposed to be there oopppss ;-/ beautiful shop x

    1. Good news on that third floor. You will soon be allowed up there and you will be greeted by a most fabby new cafe! X

    2. Aaahhh how lovely,I will be making a return :) x

  2. Ooh you brought back so many memories for me also visiting Stockport, I worked for the council there for nearly 20 years, spending every lunch time rooting round the shops, looks so much more interesting now though, have a good weekend. Julie xxx

    1. Julie you need to come back and visit. Make it the 2nd Sunday of the month and I will get to meet you. X

    2. Maybe I will sometime, my sister-inlaw still lives in Poynton. Julie x