Sunday, 12 February 2012

Tales of the Vintage Fair and Most Important People.

What a day!
A very successful fair in many ways. Wonderful people, great stalls, many sales and something most important, friends.
Anyone that reads my blog on a regular basis will know that I am not one to gush, get emotional etc. Today is one of those rare moments when I cannot manage to be anything else.
The are a few reasons for this. Firstly I had a visit from a lovely new blog friend Jane
So fab to meet her.
I also met up with a few other familiar faces and gave my little business cards out to some like minded souls, I have already received a lovely message from one lady.
Obviously I spent the day with Jayne, the other Oooh Betty. I have to say that we just have such a lovely time chatting and giggling and I would not want to be there without her. Great birthday prezzie too but that can wait til tomorrow!!

But the Most Important aforementioned person was an old friend. Not exactly my friend but an old friend of my dads.
I am not going to go into too much detail regarding my dad because as you know I am not one to maudle.
I lost my dad 9 years ago, he was a very talented artist, not the perfect dad but my very good friend. Anyhows, I have recently had the good fortune to be reconnected with the man who was his very favourite friend in the world, I know this because my dad told me just that.
The friend came to see me today, bearing a coffee as promised via email and it was wonderful.
Emotional, but wonderful.
I hope that we will now be friends and he can tell me all the secrets from their many 'working' trips away and I just know that they will be good stories.
Thats all I can say about that for the moment. X

Now of course I cannot end a blog without some pics of our fair.
I hope you like them.

And as always, and maybe more special than usual, I treated myself to something a bit good.

A Carlton Ware cruet of total and utter gorgeousness. Oh how my heart did a flutter!

I am utterly exhausted tonight. Partly due to a bit of a late one last night, a bit because of the grafting and a lot because of high emotions.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 39....woohoo......NOT
But I know that I am going to get some cool prezzies and I will be sharing them all with you on this here blog . (Not literally, I'm keeping them for myself).

Also it will be the mini draw for the Staffordshire jar. Those kitties better be ready!
Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.
I am now going to board the fast train to bedlington. Xx

Location:The Victorian Market Hall Stockport.


  1. You have the same birthday as my mum! I hope you have a lovely one!! xx

    1. Thanks Beth, hope your mum has a good day too, xx

  2. Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you....
    Happy birthday OOOOh Betty
    Happy birthday to you :-0

    Have a lovely day xx
    glad the fair went well. everything looks lovely on your stall. must of been very emotional meeting up with your dads friend. xx

    1. Ahhh, thanks Sophie. I love a birthday ditty!
      I am just going to blog about my lovely birthday now......bit tipsy so god knows how it will read ;)

  3. What an ace day, and ooooooo those fishies! I like! :) xxxxxx