Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thrifty Thursday and a very pink tea wagon

Whe did my blog go?
Just did this and now it has gone a miss. I have gremlins like no other.
I am keeping it brief now as I am annoyed.

As I said, I only have a couple of items to share with you as I keep showing off my finds before it gets to Thrifty Thurs. I will never be able to curb my eager beaver tendencies.

I also have a near purchase to show you, one of those items that stays in your mind and keeps one awake.

Anyways, on with the show.
This is a job for Mr Betty and his trusty drill. I want it on my wall outside with little herb pots safely tucked in it's shelves.

It prob looks better in real life as it is a really good limey green colour, I cannot wait for spring and all that garden stuff.

I also found these little tinkers

Lovely patterned coasters and napkins set. Very Abigails party don't you think. The are going to the fair as I would never use them, I am not a drinker ;)

Jayne found a wonderful little sewing stool that was not so wonderful at first. With a bit of love and a piece of vintage fabric...taa daa

Lovely job! This will also be making it's appearance at the fair on Sunday.

As I mentioned in my blog title I have just completed my first tea wagon up cycle.
How I managed to fit this in last night is anyone's guess, disco 5-6.30 (not me) and then football training 7-8 (twas defo not me).
Here it is, what do you think?

I will be using this for display purposes at the fairs but then I will happily return it home with meto use for important household duties like serving me tea and cake. Mr Betty can push it around.
I must thank Jane for the inspiration. She is after all the queen of the tea wagon. X

Now I will share my 'didn't buy' item.

It is sat, probably weeping, in the window of Oxfam. It has a bit missing, the spool cover thingy.
The man assistant in the shop said he would make me one but he did seem a bit crazy so I am not entirely convinced on that one. Anyhows, should I go back and get it? Should I let the crazy man make me a metal cover thingy?
Maybe I just like it because I am going through a toy loving faze.

The kitties will be conducting the draw for the Staffordshire jar on Monday.

Please speak up between now and Monday if you would like to take part.
Just comment, anything will do, other than abuse.
The kitties will then do their job which entails picking up a little bit of paper with a lovely bloggers name on it. I may even fill it with little treats.

Talking of the kitties I must inform you that they have actually formed a gang of terror.
Only the 2 of them, they have not yet enlisted the help of Binka And Flora but I think it is only a matter of time.
They have taken over our home and have caused carnage.

Yes, I know they look all lovely and innocent.

Don't let them fool you. I know what you are thinking little fella!

Location:God knows where the first one is


  1. Oh wow, I love, love, love the tea trolley, I wish I lived nearer to you!

    Hope it all goes well at the fair xx

    1. I wish you lived nearer too Beth. Would be lovely to see you.
      I will take plenty of pics. Xx

  2. Go back and buy the Singer! I had a hand held sewing machine which I bought from a jumble sale back in the 80s. It was old and fab - I never made anything with it, just sewed lots of straightish lines on scraps of fabric whilst watching tv! BTW, love the spice rack, gorg colour. x

    1. I am tempted Julia I will not lie. Do you think this one is 80s?