Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Oooh Betty at The Vintage Village

As promised I have selected a few treasures that will be making an appearance on the Oooh Betty stall this Sunday.
If you are local to the Market at Stockport please come and say hello to Jayne and me, it would make us very happy.
Find all the details and the brilliant traders at the website here

This little lot is Jaynes. Jayne is having a bit of a hearts and flowers theme this month for all the 'lovers' out there. The sewing box is an absolute gem, perfect condition with it's little trays still in place just awaiting someone's vintage haberdashery.

And this is my collection of goodies. A 70s Lundby dolls house, re decorated and fully furnished with retro furniture. I am also selling an unbelievably funky yellow typewriter with it's case!

I am still in the throws of fair preparation as is Jayne although Jayne tends to just keep looking at her stuff and not much will see her pricing up well into the afternoon ;)
I have just started on the tea wagon up cycle. My inspiration came from this Little lady, check her out.
Pictures tomorrow if all goes well.
Back to the grind (it's not really). X

Location:Victorian Market Hall Stockport


  1. I've got that sewing box, I managed to get one for my Mum too! So handy to use for sewing stuff and as an extra coffee table. Good luck with the fair, wish I lived closer and then I could come along for a mooch. Then again, probably just as well I don't live close by as I would end up spending a fortune!! xx

    1. Too true! I always end up spending on something. It is my birthday on Monday so at least I have an excuse this time. X