Monday, 13 February 2012

It's my birthday!!

Bear with me folks.....I am a little bit tiddly! (is that even the right spelling of bear when used in this context)??
Anyways, it is not even my fault.
I have had a most lovely day. It began with coffee and prezzies in bed, some gifts were from the boys and a few from family.
After my birthday breakfast I trotted over to my friend Mics house for a birthday lunch, a chit chat and more lovely prezzies.
The boys had a good time too.

This evening I have had visits from 2 of my bestest friends and Mr Betty has cooked me my fave fish dish.
I feel very lucky.

I decided last night that I would gradually place all my birthday gifts on my little pink tea wagon and when it came to about this time (9pm) I would take a picture and share it with my blog friends.

Let me tell you of a few things I have received.
Many Cath Kidston goodies, mug, tape measure, mirror and button tin (god knows I need button storage). Cat mug, DVDs, a vintage novel and a new interiors book.
Boot socks (one of the kitties unravelled mine in a cartoon stylie). Shawl,kitty print dress and an argyle tank top.
Crochet doillies in pink and yellow. A vintage pot cloth of wonder.
Emma Bridgewater bag, one of my fave fragranced candles and an Arthur Wood apple sauce jug and saucer set.
A most pretty spaghetti tin with a most pretty oil tin enclosed.
A whole selection of coloured embroidery floss.
Some very pink smellies.

What all these gifts say to me is this. My friends and family know me so well and each and every gift has been bought with just me in their minds and I love them all.

I am now going to switch from alcohol to hot sweet tea and hope for the best.
I pray that when I re-read this here blog entry at a later date I will not be thinking 'whoops' .

Whilst I am in this here tipsy state I must share a bit of a whoops moment that I had just yesterday.

On our arrival at the fair I found myself to be slightly surprised by the choice of music that was playing.
Usually the Market hall is filled with lovely old tunes that create a vintage ambiance.
Yesterday however, I was shocked to be greeted by a bit of R&B, not my fave genre of music.
On listening a bit closer I realised it was infact Whitney Houston to which I announced in my usual,slightly too loud voice "I hope this won't be playing all day.I can't stand Whitney Houston"
As you can imagine this was not considered to be in very good taste.

My 39th year resolution is to check the news bulletins of a morning and air my thoughts with more caution ( and in a quieter voice).
Sorry if this has offended any Whitney fans. Xx

Tomorrow I will be reviewing my new interiors book. It will be my bedtime read tonight...happy days.


  1. Hello!! Hoping I'm in the right place.. Athriftymrs directed me..

    Firstly HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Also... Are your little lambs from her post still homeless?!

    I will give them a good home I promise! I don't even eat lamb.
    I can be contacted @mrs_sock on twitter or

    1. Hello Mrs Sock!
      My lambs are still homeless but at least they have each other.
      Send me your address and they are yours.

  2. Belated happy birthday! What a lovely lot of pressies! :) as saddened as I was about Whitney, your blunder made me giggle! Oopsie!! xx

  3. I've sent a message through your folksy shop as my tired eyes can't see your email on here.

    Thank you for getting back to me, I'm so excited!
    Steph x