Sunday, 5 February 2012

shop update and a recipe recommendation

Due to the extreme weather conditions I have been house bound except for an emergency trip to Starbucks for a flat White and some fruit toast.
This can quite often be a good thing. I find I get a lot of things done that I would normally avoid.
Unfortunately for the rest of the family this has not included house work in any form although I have squozed in a bit of cooking, more about that later.

I don't know about you but I find pc stuff rather tricky mcsnicky. Also, although I do love my IPad, A gift from Mr Betty, it is rather restricted. One of the main frustrations is that I am unable to upload pics to my Folksy shop and therefore I have to email them all so I can upload from the home PC. This is time consuming for one and I have to suffer Mr Betty breathing down my neck for the whole time asking how long I'm going to be.
Anyway, Mr Betty has distractions of the shed variety so I have been holding a happy shop update and I am pretty pleased with the results.
It has a new look, some things have gone out and new things have gone in. I even tweeted my updates, clever me.

I also sussed how to make a grid of photos....major breakthrough for moi.

I have been a busy miss lizzy with my fair prep too.

I love my little letter stamper. Very handy dandy.

I mentioned a fab book on my last Tuesday Book Club post.

As I have got into this book a little more I am just loving it. I made some knitted finger puppets for littlest boy using some knitted squares that I already had, pic to follow.
On the inside of the front cover is a wallet that contains patterns and recipe cards. I have made two recipes so far and they were both really successful.
I made the noodle dish and the Cous Cous dish and I must say that it has completely changed my mind about Cous Cous which before now I considered to be quite tedious.

I won't share the recipe as the lovely Pip might get annoyed with me and I would not like that but what I can tell you is to buy the book and give it a go, really simple and unbelievably delicious.
I must admit to swapping the haloumi for feta.......I'm not quite ready to be too healthy as yet.

As always I will end this here Sunday blog with a pic of the kitties.
I have a feeling that they know how to look as cute as possible so they get the treats.

Has anyone else been house bound and enjoyed/ made good use of their time indoors?
Has anyone had to miss out on something lovely or important due to the snow?
Most importantly I hope all my lovely blog friends are warm and safe. Xx


  1. I have that book too - its fabulous :o) Great blog too hun Scarlett x

    1. Hi Scarlett, thanks so much! Your blog is rather fab too. Xx