Friday, 3 February 2012

You know that saying about buses?

What is that saying? Something regarding waiting a silly length of time for a bus to arrive then 3 coming along at once??
Well that is what I thought today when I came across this

That is weird don't you think. I have coveted the Staffordshire jars for time.
The amazing thing is that I got 4 the same today.
Now I obviously don't require all 4 for myself I actually only need 1 so this is my plan.
I will have one for me for display purposes only.
I will give one to my BFF Jayne.
I will give another one away.
My quandary regarding the giveaway is this. This here blog is not yet popular enough (and may never be) for a any of my blog readers even like this kinda thing?
If anyone loves these jars as much as I do please speak up as I would love to share my treasure.
If I have a few requests I will come up with a draw idea and if not who knows.
Btw, if you are thinking, ummmm that Oooh Betty woman has 2 extra jars, I know and I am quite obviously going to keep one as a spare ;)

I started a mini suitcase makeover last night. I used this little 1940s case (I know it's birth date as it is written inside!!).it is in a right sorry state, no clasp etc. I keep my crafty bits and bobs in it and place it under my sofa for emergency crafty situations.
I hadn't planned to do the mini makeover but as I scanned through an old Playhouse annual I spied something that I absolutely had to make use of.

How could one resist this little dress up mouse. I am quite pleased with how it looks, much more fun than before.

The thrift shop that I found the aforementioned jars in is actually the shop that I get all my haberdashery bits from.
It is amazing for fabric, needles, doilies etc. You name it, they have it.
There is an amazing woman there who sorts all the buttons and stitches them to little bits of card. I have had so many amazing buttons from her.

I think she has an eye for the special ones and puts them all together for me.

I am looking forward to the weekend. Littlest son is tired and needs a lie in and so do I.
Mr Betty has work plans for Sunday so I will be chilling out and probably crafting. If anything exciting occurs (unlikely) I will be sure to let you know.

The kitties are doing well, very troublesome.

They seem to keep each other occupied for most of the time but they do flop over on a regular basis for a bit of tummy tickling. Love them already. Xx


  1. Hello there, please excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin.....
    I'm loving your jars. I wish I could find some around here! That type of thing is sadly lacking in this neck of the woods.

    1. Hi Emma, I also live in Manchester, whereabouts are you?
      Just added myself to your followers.
      I am going to have a mini draw for the jar so it could be yours....very good chance too.
      Emma. xx

  2. The kittens are absolutely gorgeous - lovely to see them cuddling up together. Those jars are super gorgeous and one would look splendid in my nearly finished kitchen. I would willingly take one off your hands for you!! xx

    1. The draw is on! It is a mini draw.
      I have only just noticed that the jars match my dinner plates...I am so unmatched in the kitchen department that I don't notice anymore.
      The kitties will be in charge of the draw. Xx

  3. Looks like we might have a givewaway draw brewing. How exciting.x

  4. ooh, me, me! I'm just having a craft room make-over and I could think of 101 uses for a funky little jar ;)Thanks again for the award, have done mine now too x

    1. The draw is on Beth. Statistically you have a very good chance as the drawis of the small variety.
      I am going to use the following method, names on bits of paper screwed into little balls and leave the kitties to do the job!

  5. Hello :) thankyou for your lovely comment, I love your blog is one of my favouritesayings...... I also love your fab retro jars and your little case....xxxxxx

    1. Thanks Jane, I think you should be in the draw for the jar, could be the start of a beautiful collection!
      I am holding you personally responsible for the money I have just spent on Plasticote, Fablon and old wallpaper....I am a tea wagon fan myself but have yet to do a makeover. Got a little gold and teak number as a starter but I may ask your advice regarding my Remploy (once the kittens stop using it as bunk beds). X