Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Suitcase Frenzie

I may have previously mentioned the fact that I acquired a couple of suitcases. They are rather battered and the clasps are rather rusty.

Aren't old suitcases just fab. Great for storage, particularly all my craft stock.

Today I have found some more would you believe.

These are in really good condition. A little vanity case with red satin insides and 2 little keys.
A fantastic weekend case in tan with a smart black trim. Oh what will I fill them with?

I really should be saving all this for tomorrow's 'Thrifty Thursday' but I am too excited.

Oh my how lucky am I!

A vintage Polaroid Sun 600 camera, boxed (oh yes) and with it's little manual. Do I keep it? I am going to check out the price of the film for it. I think my boys of 3 will be blown away by its instant picture magic and they will understand the whole Instagram phenomenon.I remember how I loved them when I was a child and how cool the pictures still look to this day.

I have yet to come up with any sensible ideas for my retro towelling fabric (I toyed fleetingly with thoughts of a bikini). I have cut a metre of each and bundled for others to purchase and enjoy.

I think that for now I will just keep and enjoy looking at it.

I forgot Tuesdays Book club....I have a book too. It can wait till next week. X

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  1. Ooooooo love the suitcases! Will certainly keep you up to date on my suitcase cover up! Xx