Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Versatile Blogger Award.

Yes, this is my second blog of the day, crazy I know.
There is a good reason for this, a great reason actually.

I have been awarded this prestigious title by my good blogger friend and gem of a lady Julie

The Versatile blogger award rules are: that you should pass it on to 15 recently discovered blogs and let the bloggers know that they have been nominated.
Then, you have to share 7 things about yourself.
Finally, you have to thank the award giver and link back to them.

Here goes with my 7 things.

1, Crafting and thrifting keep me happy and sane.
2, Mr Betty, my other half is 11 years younger than me.
3, I believe that a house is not a home without cats.
4, I would love to live in Wales.
5, Food is a big part of my life and in particular cheese (fave is goats cheese if you're asking).
6, I prefer reading people's blogs to watching TV
7,I love Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer with ice and a slice.

I am new to this blogging game so I am going to put forward a few of my favourite blogs.
In no particular order although I must admit that I am particularly fond of the first one.

Fading Grace
Mia Design
Miss Magpie
Vintage Pleasure
One Landrover Is Never Enough

that's me blogged out for today. X


  1. Emma, that's really kind thank you! I always enjoy your tales from the end of the runway too. I must admit to having already been awarded this award but am still composing my own awards (I can still include you on it though can't I?!) x

  2. Just been for a meal with T as his 18th today..... came home and read your post...thank you, so chuffed :-) am so rubbish at writing award posts, but so apreciate it thanks xx
    Hows those gorgeous kittens x
    P.s your one of my favorites too!

  3. Emma I love that Crabbies stuff too! Julie xxx