Sunday, 26 February 2012

This weekend has mostly been about...

Trying to wake up with the aid of coffee.

Shopping with middling son for chinos (they are back in fashion....big time!).
Lunching at Nero's, tomato and basil soup for me, tune melt panini for middling. More coffee.
Buying new/old ladybird books (London and How To Sew)
Thrifting a chalk and whiteboard easel for littlest, the theory being word practice, the reality being scenes from Star Wars.

Crochet. Using a 'How To' book and following new patterns.

Lounging about on sofa.

Trying out ways of packaging vintage lace etc
Failing at the above due to lack of imagination.
Cooking my fave veggie cannelloni.

Eating it with piles of watercress on the side.
Drinking lots of decaf tea.
Getting ready to go out on a 'Hen Don't wearing leggings that look like mummified legs.

Going out on said Hen Don't and feeling pleased that I managed to be a designated driver and stay out til after midnight, drink free.
Cutting up and bundling fabric for Folksy.

Listing fabric on Folksy in a very long winded fashion.
Loving my boys and my kitties.

And finally deciding to use my collection of old haberdashery cards.

So simple!
Why didn't I just do that in the first place.
Hope you have all had a fabby weekend.
Thanks for reading. X


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend, that canneloni looks ace!

    Catherine, XO.

  2. My Finn does amazing Star Wars pictures rather like the littlest's one - lots of action going on. Think it might be a boy thing!

    1. Think you may be right. The writing practice was rather hopeful!

  3. Your sons picture is amazing! bet he loves that white board. Dinner looks yummy, sounds like a lovely weekend. I like how you've done the lace, looks lovely x

  4. Thanks Sophie,
    That White board is an absolute success. He has spent hours doodling.
    Thanks for the lace feedback, going to do some more in a bit. Xx